Giant Pandas

How much is giant panda fur cost?

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What kind of body covering does the giant panda have?


What is the difference between qinling panda and giant panda?

The difference is thatthe qinling panda is smaller then the giant panda its head is also more round and the fur is light and dark brown.

Red panda and giant panda's fur color?

A red panda's fur is like a reddish-brown.=A giant panda's fur color is black and white.=

Does a giant panda shed fur?

No. There are only two kids of pandas that shed fur that we know of.

How do you describe the giant panda fur?

Giant Panda fur is highly desirable by poachers, who illegally kill pandas. A 2006 news report stated that two panda's fur was found on the police raid of a black market exchange. They reported that 1 panda fur was worth about 10 million USD, making it the most expensive fur.

What color is a baby giant panda?

it is pink until it grows fur

What are the different types of pandas?

There are two kinds of Panda's. The first one is the giant panda. The giant panda is black and white. The other type of panda is the red panda. A red pandas fur is reddish brown.

What kind of fur does a giant panda have?

giant pandas have black and white fur. white all over and big black spots in some places.

Approximately how much is panda fur?

panda fur is rare so it costs a lot of money

Why is the giant panda being hunted?

for its fur meat and once its body parts

What is happening to the giant panda?

it is being extinct because of poachers killing them for their fur

What does a giant panda do to stay warm in cold weather?

The area where the giant panda lives does not get bitterly cold but the animal has a dense fur coat to protect itself during winter.

Is the giant panda an amphibian?

No, not at all. The giant panda is a mammal. (mammalia) Mammals are warm blooded, but amphibians are cold blooded. Amphibians never have fur and amphibians are semi-aquatic.

What is the giant panda's dangers?

the panda is giant pandas dangers of been endangered is habitat loss and being shot for their fur.

How many panda species are there?

There are two species of Panda. The giant panda is most recognized with the black and white fur. The red panda looks more like a raccoon than a bear.

What is a panda's type?

A giant panda is an animal with white and black fur on it. A red panda is like a raccoon a and it is red in color. They are mostly found in China.

What do a panda look like?

at birth, a giant panda could fit in your hand, is pink, hairless, and blind. as it gets older, it grows black and white fur. submitted by: panda lover

What does a giant panda look like?

They have white fur with black circles around their eyes. Their ears are also black. the giant panda looks exactly like a normal panda except it is very rare. The Giant Panda has a black and white coat. Adults measure around 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) long and around 75 centimeters (2.46 ft) tall at the shoulder. The Giant Panda has a body shape typical of bears. It has black fur on its ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, arms and shoulders. The rest of the animal's coat is white.

What is a predator of a giant panda?

The predator of giant pandas are humans because humans sell panda's fur coats called pelts for money. Giant panda pelts sells for near $80,000, and that amount is the cause for giant pandas being endangered species.

What Are The Main Body Parts Of The Giant Panda?

The Head, Torso , And The Four (4) Legs.And Maybe Sometimes The Fur.

How much are panda pelts?

it is illegal to buy, sell, possess, or transport panda fur it is protected as an endangered species

How do people use giant panda fur?

im not sure does anyone know the answer?maybe it is used for coats and jackest or sweaters idk

Why are giant pandas endangered from humans?

Because there is a plague of humans at the moment. And the giant panda lives in the most populous country. Also huans hunt pandas for there fur which they use for clothing.

What is the economic importance of giant pandas?

They are poached for their fur. And it may sound crazy but there are cultures where "panda fur" can be very sacred. So you can imagine what kind of money they would pay for it. Hope this helped :)

Is there a Brown Panda?

Yes, the Qinling Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) is a subspecies of the Giant Panda, formally named by science in 2005. It differs from the giant panda by its smaller skull, along with dark brown and light brown markings, rather than the traditional black and white markings on it's fur. For more details, please see the sites listed below.