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5 pounds i think

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โˆ™ 2009-06-19 19:29:14
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Q: How much is it a month to give a hermit crab what it needs?
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How do you give your hermit crab a bath?

spray the hermit crab with water

Do hermit crab give live birth?


What do you feed baby hermit crabs?

You give them the food you would give to a grown hermit crab.

Can a hermit crab give birth to only one hermit crab?

no, they give birth to thousands that live in the water until they become full hermies

Can you over feed a hermit crab?

No, you can't. I have a hermit crab and I feed him a lot. Your hermit crab will eat what he wants to eat, he won't eat more just because you give him more.

Can you watch a movie with a hermit crab in your lap will it run away?

your hermit crab will die and give u a disease known as gingivitis

What does a hermit crab look like molting?

what it looks like is a naked hermit crab so if your hermit crab isn't picking it shell for almost a day get more changing shells so if your hermit crab is naked don't worry just give them some time

How long should Hermet crabs be cleaned?

Hermit crabs should stay in a tub of lukewarm water for around 2-3 minutes. You shouldn't bathe them any longer than 3 or 4 minutes. Depending on the type of hermit crab, there is a possibility that the hermit crab could drown, so watching the hermit crab moving is a good thing. Bathe your hermit crab once a week. If your hermit crab is not used to taking baths, start giving him/her baths once a month and when your crabs are used this give him/her baths once a week. Clean your crab for at least 15 minutes or wait until your crab climbs out of his bathtub.

How do you keep a hermit crab heathy?

Give it the food, salt water, and water it needs. NEVER USE TAP WATER OR TABLE SALT!

How do you give hermit crabs a bath?

You just put your Hermit Crab in a sink or bath tub and let it do it's own thing. They have spray that you can spray it with that will NOT harm it. But DO NOT put soap on your Hermit Crab.

Is it all right to put more than one hermit crab in the same tank on the same day?

Yes, hermit crabs don't usually fight. You could give the new hermit crab a bath so that it smells the same as the other hermit crab in you tank.

What is in the hermit crab diet?

Hermit crabs eat a variety of food, like storebought food, fruits, veggies, and fish. DO NOT give your crab dairy. He will DIE.

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