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There is no way to answer this, rating is dependent on too many factors, contact an agent or agents in your area and get quotes.

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Q: How much is liability insurance for a child care center?
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Does a home based child care center need commercial liability insurance?

To become licensed child care center, you are required to have commercial liability insurance. However if becoming licensed is not your goal, commercial liability insurance is not necessary. You should consider increase your home owners insurance to protect you in the event of accident. Most insurance companies will provide you additional coverage for people wanting to do a start a home based day care.

Are daycares required to carry liability insurance?

Yes daycares are required to carry liability insurance,the amount is determined by the size of the day care center

What is the first step to planning a child care center?

the first step to planning a child care center is to

What does a child care specialist do?

A child care specialist is a person who works in a child care center. They are also called child care or day care workers.

What is the general liability class code for Child Care?

41715-0-Day Care Centers

Where can you find cheapest liability care insurance?

shop around. call an independent agent!

What does limited liability insurance cover?

Limited liability insurance covers bodily injury liability like paying for medical expenses or lost wages when an accident occurs or property damage liability which takes care of damages to property and attorney and settlement when one is sued.

Is a school considered a child care center by definition?

No, school is not considered a child care facility

What exactly does liability insurance cover Is it worth paying for this if I'm starting a company?

It would definitely be worth getting liability insurance for your new business. It is in place to protect businesses from being sued by a third party due to negligence. Having liability insurance is a must for any business. Liability insurance, or business insurance, protects your company against lawsuits that claim you failed to use reasonable care.

A good legal system?

Strict liability, minumum standard of care, and state sponsored insurance

Can you smoke near a child care center?


How the child care center operates?

what documentation does a child care centre need to take children on an excursion

Where do you get liability insurance for a small home daycare and how much coverage do you need?

You need General Liability Insurance. Many isurers have programs tailored for day care canters you can obtain from any authorized insurer in your state.

Do you need liability insurance for a cleaning company in NY?

I'm not certain that it's actually legally required. However, even if it's not mandated, if you don't have liability insurance anyone can accuse you of breaking whatever and whether you did it or not, you're going to be the one dealing with it, including shelling out for legal fees and possibly paying for it if you lose the case. If you do have liability insurance, the insurance company will be taking care of a lot of that for you. Bottom line: yes, you need liability insurance.

Should a child be taken out of a child care center if another child has hepatitis B?


What is the maximum hours per day that a child can stay in a child care center?

I would assume a child could stay in a child care center during their regular hours of operation. If you would your child to stay in a center for extended periods of time, you could try checking out adoption centers.

Can a foster parent leave a foster child in a care center at a gym?

If the child care center is being used for it's intended purpose, i.e. providing child care for a certain amount of time either for a fee or as part of a membership service, there is no difference between the foster parent and a biological parent. There is no law prohibiting foster parents from utilizing child care services. If you are instead questioning the propriety of the location of the child care because it is in a gym, as long as the care center meets the requirements set down for child care providers in their state there is no problem. If the foster parent does not have an agreement with the care center to provide care and instead is just dropping the child off, this is not okay, and would not be okay for a biological parent eiither. It then becomes the responsibiity of the care center employees to contact the proper authorities to report the problem.

Is it legal for an urgent care center to refuse treatment to a child because the parent cannot pay the copay for the insurance?

only if that child isn't dying on the spot no and usualy they can have a plan for poor people or they can work something out

Who is responsible for budget preparation?

the director of a child care center

What type of child care does not occur in a home setting with home activities?

Day Care Center?

Why do you want to work in a child care center?

I want desperately to never be forced to work in a child care center.With questions like this, you really need to answer them with your own thoughts and feelings. There isn't a "right" answer.

The first step to planning a child care center is to?

Enrol!! of course!

What do you contribute to a child care center?

Try donating toys and volenteering.

Would the homeowners insurance cover medical bills due to an assault?

No. Homeowners Insurance typically do not provide liability coverage for criminal acts. Your medical insurance is a good source of coverage for health care needs.

What is the liability to a neighbor of a home day care business if a day care child is injured on the neighbor's property?

The child's parents should want to pursue a liability claim against any, and every party involved in the child's injury. The question as to whether the neighbor will ultimately be relieved of liability, because the child was first and foremost, in the direct custody of the day care business is a question for the court. If the child wandered onto the neighbor's property, there is a first a issue of negligent supervision that the day care center will need to defend themselves against. It is likely that the negligent supervision was the proximate cause of the injury. However, the lack of supervision might be seen as a contributing cause, if there was "conduct" on the part of the neighbor that also contributed to the injury. There are not enough facts in this question to really answer it.