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How much is my Rolex watch worth

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Q: How much is my rolex watch with the numbers 3495853 quarts Swiss watch worth?
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What does the W in a serial number of the Rolex watches stand for?

Different letters represent different years Rolex watches,W stands for Rolex watches 1994-1996.

How much is rolex model number 62523h 18?

about 1200 euro new if a authentic certificate is provided as these watches have been replicated in great numbers some of these replicas also known as fakes retail at around 6-12 euros.

How was a Rolex submariner ceramic bezel manufactured their ceramic bezel or are made is the numbers and lines on the bezels are painted and if then what kind of paint are they using?

It's not painted, it's gold or platinum, I'm not too sure exactly how the bezel itself is made. I think that first the raw ceramic powder is pressed into a mould at about 300 tonnes, the numerals are machined, the bezel is fired then the whole bezel is plated with either gold or platinum via PVD (Physical Vapor Discharge) the bezel is polished back to leave the polished ceramic and plated numerals. Check out the video on their site, apparently takes 40 hours, possible just marketing bull....

Rolex has five pieces of chain each containing four links. He want to jion the pieces to form a circle.If it costs 10 cents to open a link and 10 cents to close a linkfind a way he can do this .80?

take off one of the link and connect it to the other pairs, then take of the other link in the same chain and connect it to the other pair, third, connect the third link in the same chain to the other pair, and finally the fourth chain to the last pair. -Kevin Jiang :D

How many times do a clock's hands overlap in a day?

22 times a day if you only count the minute and hour hands overlapping. The approximate times are listed below. (For the precise times, see the related question.)2 times a day if you only count when all three hands overlap. This occurs at midnight and noon.am12:00 1:052:113:164:225:276:337:388:449:4910:55pm12:00 1:052:113:164:225:276:337:388:449:4910:55A really simple way to see this is to imagine that the two hands are racing each other around a track. Every time the minute hand 'laps' the hour hand, we have the overlaps we want.So, we can say that the number of laps completed by the minute hand every T hours, Lm = T laps. Since there are 12hours in a full rotation of the hour hand, that hand only rotates Lh = T/12 laps.In order for the first 'lapping' to occur, the minute hand must do one more lap than the hour hand: Lm = Lh +1, so we get T = T/12 + 1 and that tells us that the first overlap happens after T = (12/11) hours. Similarly, the 2nd lapping will occur when Lm = Lh + 2.In general, the 'Nth' lapping will occur when Lm = Lh +N, which means every N*(12/11) hours (for N = 0,1,2,3...). In other words, it will happen approximately every 1hr5mins27secs, starting at 00:00. In 24hours, this occurs a total of 24/(12/11) = 22 times.======================================================================================So we are looking at two rotating hands. Ultimately, its just the angles we care about. Let θH represent the angle of the hours hand and θM represent the angle of the minutes hand. You could also introduce the seconds hand but that makes the problem more complicated. For now, lets assume the question only cares about the minute and hour hands. Initially we might think we are looking for:θH=θMBut this doesn't take into account that if one hand has "gone around" a few times, its angle will be different from a hand in the same position that hasn't "gone around" the same number of times. So we have to modify our goal. Instead we let the angles differ by an integer multiple of 2π (360°). Let us call this arbitrary integer z. Now our condition is:θM-θH=2πzYou could subtract the two angles in either order but the reason I chose to subtract hours from minutes is because it will result in positive integers which is just simpler. The minute hand goes around more times, thus its angle is bigger, thus this order of subtraction is positive. Now we have to find out how these angles depend upon the time. Let us call our time t and measure it in hours. I omit units for simplicity. The hour hand goes around a full rotation (2π) once every 12 hours. So:θH=(2π/12) tFor those more versed in mathematics, 2π/12 is the "angular frequency" for the hour hand (usually denoted by ω).Similarly the minute hand goes around a full rotation (2π) once every hour. So:θM=2π tPlugging back in:θM-θH=2πz2π t - (2π/12) t = 2πzt - t/12 = z(11/12) t = zNow we are ready to solve. The two hands overlap at every solution of this equation, so we want to know the number of solutions of this equation. But remember, we want to know how many times this happens in a single day, so t cant be bigger than 24 (remember we are measuring t in hours), and technically no smaller than 0 (assuming we start our clock at 0 hours). Since t and z are proportional, each solution for z corresponds to exactly one solution for t, and accordingly exactly one solution of the equation.Also, remember than z must be an integer. So if we wanted all the times we would just let z go from 0 (when t=0) up and solve for t and stop as soon as we passed t=24. Then of course we'd have to convert that into hour and minute format. However, we only care about the number of times this happens. So we can notice that as t increases, z is just keeping track of how many times the two hands have overlapped. When z=0 we get the first time, when z=1 we get the second time, and so on. Since t and z are directly proportional, t increases with z, thus z represents the number of times the hands have overlapped up until time t minus 1 (and starting from t=0). Since we don't want t to go past 24, we plug in 24 and solve for z which will tell us how many times this event has occurred from t=0 to t=24 (one day).(11/12)*24 = z22 = zSo this happens 22 times in a day. Technically this has 23 solutions (0 through 22) but the last one is for t=24 which has begun the next day. If we don't count that solution we are left with 22.■If we want the second hand to overlap as well, we have to go a bit further. First we note that the second hand makes a full rotation once every minute, thus 60 times an hour. From this we have:θS=(2π*60) tWe want the second and hour hands to overlap AND the minute and second hands to overlap. Those conditions can be summarized as follows, where x and y are positive integers:θS-θM=2πxθS-θH=2πyPlugging in our functions of t for the θ's and solving for t we are left with:t=x/59t=12y/719We want our integers x and y to produce the same time (making all hands overlap at that time). So we want to set the two equations equal. Simplifying, we get;x=708y/719708 and 719 are coprime (719 is prime and 708 is decomposed into 2^2*3*59). In fact 708y and 719 are coprime except for when y is an integer multiple of 719. Thus 708y/719 can only be reduced when y=719k for some integer k. In this case we have:x=708kThe first solution is when k=0. Then x=0 and t=0 corresponding to midnight. The next solution is k=1. Then x=708 and t=12 corresponding to noon. The next solution is k=2 but this corresponds to t=24 which is (midnight for) the next day and due to the direct proportionality of t and k, every k from here on up will produce t's higher than 24.In summary, all three hands only overlap twice a day: at noon and midnight. ■All of this assumes that the hands sweep continuously. So the math is more(?) complicated for those with fake Rolex's (or any ticking handed clocks).

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How much is a ladies Rolex watch worth with a serial number 3495853?

20 bucks - it's fake

Are there any spanish rolex watches?

rolex watches are Swiss.

What is the difference between a Swiss Replica Rolex and an Italian Replica Rolex?

The different .the Swiss replica rolex is made the Swiss movement like 2824 ,2836,2892 movement .and the Italian replica rolex will use these movement too, but the different is the card and paper .

What is the price of rolex 62523h 18?


Does rolex watches have Swiss made on back?


What links wilsdorf cellini Swiss expensive and watch?


What watch company has a crown in it's logo?

swiss watchmaking manufacturer of high -quality luxury wrist watches

Who sells good Swiss rolex replica?

Rolex replicas? well, it's always the high profit business. If you need cheap and good Rolex replicas.. China is your first priority! :D and a "China Buy Agency" will be neccesary.

Which site can I find many Swiss watches?

Rolex is a wrist watch company who has a wide selection of Swiss watches! The variety of Swiss watches should meet your needs so you are satisfied. Some are even personalized.

Where are Rolex watch made?

The Rolex manufactory is in Bienne, Switzerland. The Rolex headquarters are in Geneva.

Who makes the rolex movement?

Rolex is its own company, legally known as Rolex SA. It was founded in London in 1905 and presently has its corporate offices in Geneva. Rolex's are one of the highest quality Swiss watch manufacturers, and is probably the best well known. Rolex manufactures all of its watches with the utmost care and quality by skilled watchmakers in Switzerland.

What watches are not made in china?

brands such as hamilton, rolex,victorinox, citizen, seiko, orient. the first 3 are Swiss the rest are Japanese, also all the brands except rolex are affordable to the average citizen.