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The market price per troy ounce of silver is called the "spot price" or "spot". Spot prices are not static; they change minute by minute like stock prices.

Visit the link below to view live gold and silver prices.

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I checked earlier (Jan 12th,2010) today and it was $18.59 per Troy ounce.

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What is the current price pf silver per ounce

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Right now a troy ounce of silver is worth $39.71. I wrote this on April 4 2011.

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Q: How much is one troy ounce of silver bullion worth in Oct 2010?
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How much Is a 2010 US gold one dollar coin worth?

The current price of silver is about $17.75/oz What you have is a bullion piece sold for its silver content. The $1 denomination is artificial.

What is silver worth in 2010?

The spot price of silver changes by the minute, as I type this the price is $18.19 per ounce.

What is the value of a 1981 silver trade unit 1 troy ounce with an eagle on the front and us assay office san francisco on the back?

What you have is a silver bullion coin. It may have some value to those who collect such things but basically its value is just the silver it may contain. As of April 24, 2010 that value is $18.28 USD.

How much is one troy ounce of silver worth in nov 2010?

$27.35 at the time of writing, but it fluctuates daily, sometimes even hourly.

What is the value of a 1991 1oz fine silver-one dollar coin?

The coin is actually an American Silver Eagle bullion coin that is made from one ounce of .999 pure silver. It's value is tied to the spot price of silver at the time of sale, which is $28.19 today.

What is feb 8 2010 price of a troy ounce of silver?

about 16$

What is the value of a 1 oz fine silver?

You probably have one of the bullion coins issued in recent years by the Mint. The "dollar" denomination is purely arbitrary; they're intended to be sold for their precious metal value and not be spent. Their value is tied to the current market price of silver so it would be worth about $17 or $18 as of June 2008.

What is the value of real silver in the US?

The Spot Price for Silver on April 30, 2010 was $18.64 per Ounce.

What is the current value of a 999 fine silver One Troy ounce?

These trade based on the spot metal prices. As of Friday, July 16, 2004 at 19:00 ET, silver was trading at $6.71 / troy ounce. As of 3-11-08 at 8:54 a.m. silver is worth $19.93 per troy ounce.That's not entirely true, td gold but certainly not the definitive price per ounce of silver or is always cost ABOVE the spot price of silver or gold for any coin or bar. The spot price is the futures commodities market for the next year based on the busiest trading month. It is a benchmark for silvOne ounce silver eagles for example are now trading for $29 while the spot price for silver right now (09-18-09) is $17. It silver spot goes up to 18, the silver eagle would go up to $30.While you did not describe the type of coin you have, I'm assuming that you have a silver bullion eagle.As of February 19, 2010, says silver is worth $16.29 per troy ounce. As evidenced by previous edits, the intrinsic value changes frequently.

Is sterling silver worth anything?

Sterling or 0.925% silver is indeed worth money. As at October 2010, a Troy ounce of the stuff (31.1035 grammes) is worth around £14. This metal is currently enjoying a 30-year-high so it could be a good time to sell! Prices correct as at 4 October 2010. You can check the value by using the external link, further down this page, posted under Sources and Related Links. Update: The price of silver reached an all-time high last May 2011 at just under £30-a-Troy Ounce. Today (August 13th 2012) it is currently £18-an-ounce. These prices are for PURE SILVER .999 fine. Note that sterling silver is .925 so you would need to multiply £18 by .925 to get the exact sterling price i.e. 18 x 0.925 = £16.65.

What is Queen Elizabeth the second five dollar coin worth?

You are probably referring to a British 5 pence coin. It is copper nickel, not silver, and is worth no more than its exchange value (about US 8 cents as of January 2010) unless it is in Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

How much is one troy once of 999 fine silver worth?

The spot price for silver is $17.90 on 4/7/2010. If you are referring to troy weight, a a troy ounce is about 10% heavier than a standard ounce with the number .999 referring to the purity of the metal, about 99.9% pure. Update: The price of silver as of 21 June 2012 is $26.88/ounce.