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need to insurance quotes on pertaining to my question of how mmuch is physical liability insurance for a small self-defense gym

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How much liability coverage for small gym?

Generally, a standard one million dollar liability policy is what most have.

What is the definition of 'gym instructor'?

A gym instructor is a person who instructs physical activity within a gym based environment

What is physical of education?

Physical Education is P.E or Gym class depending on where you come from.

How do you put physical in to a sentence?

Physical Education used to be called gym class. His physical body was spent. I had a physical at the doctor's office.

Do you have to be over 18 to go to a gym?

It depends on the gym. Most have requirements that have to be signed off on by an adult before they let a minor into a gym. There are also certain equipment and facilities that cannot be used by minors due to liability issues.

What is PED?

physical Ed? (like gym class)

What is a PE teacher?

Physical Education or Gym teacher

What is the abbreviation for gym?

P.E.? (abbreviation for physical education)

Can a ten year old go to the gym?

This would probably be a matter of the policy of the individual gym in question. They may not want children there because of liability issues. The sorts of things you do in a gym may not be healthy for a ten year old.

How much to pay for a decent gym?

The only way to decide how much you want to pay for a great gym is by determining how much you are willing to spend per month on a gym or by going by your monthly budget. If the gym you choose fits into your budget, then that is the gym to choose.

What is the significance of physical education?

Physical Education is primarily taught in middle and high school. It has many purposes, mainly to provide inactive students with some activity to keep them in shape. In addition to healthful purposes, with the absence of recess, gym provides a much needed athletic escape from a hard day of studies. Overall, gym, or PE, has many purposes from keeping kids healthy to providing a fun escape from classes, gym is a much needed class.

How much sq ft is a gym?

It depends how big the gym is

How can you use the word physical fitness in a sentence?

The gym is for people who want physical fitness,Its healthy too.

What is the proper word for gym?

The word "gym" is a shortened version of the word "gymnasium." When referring to "gym" as being a class in school, the proper term would be "physical education."

How much is a salary -gym instructor?

salary of a gym instructor salary of a gym instructor

How much do Golds Gym franchise owners earn?

how much does a golds gym owner make

What are the objective of physical fitness?

The objective of physical fitness is preparedness. Physical fitness provides the body the greatest chance of being able to tackle whatever life throws our way. The idea is to train in the gym for what you may need to do once you leave the gym.

How much is a Gold's gym membership in Regina?

How much is a golds gym membership in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

German word for gym?

a gymnasium (sports room or place to work out) = Sporthalle, Turnhalle a gym class (physical education) = Sport

Should students' gym grades count in their GPA?

Yes. Gym, physical education, is as important as every other class.

What do Americans call physical education?

Americans refer to physical education as a "workout" or, if structured by an administrator, "P.E." or "gym."

Why is gym called pe?

PE stands for Physical Education. "Gym" (short for gymnasium) is simply a widely-accepted nickname for a physical education course, that most likely arose because most PE courses are held in the school's gymnasium. In many schools, "Gym" has become less about education of physical fitness, and more of a time to wear kids out between classes (a sort of recess with required physical activity).

How much does it cost to open a new gym?

why buy a gym when you can buy bud

What is the place called where one performs physical exercises?

This is called a GYM or GYMNASIUM.

What does circuit training mean?

Physical training on a number of machines or systems in a gym.