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ten decimeters is one meter, or 100 centimeters.

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Q: How much is ten decimeters?
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How many meters are there in ten decimeters?

10 decimeters=1 meter

How do you convert meters to decimeters?

Ten decimeters to the meter.

How many square decimeters equals one square meter?

ten decimeters

Are there centimeters or inches in a decimeters?

centimeters, and there's ten. Hint the term decimeters.

Is ten decimeters in one meter?

yes it is

How many decimeters in a milimeter?

There are ten decimeters in a meter. There are 1000 millimeters in a meter. This means there are 100 millimeters in a decimeter, and .001 decimeters in a millimeter.

What is the conversion of decimeters to centimeters?

"deci" means ten sort of like the latin number 10 (decem)! There are ten decimeters in a meter so 20 would be your answer!

How many decimeters are in ten centimeters?

One. There are ten cetimeters in one decimeter.

How many decimeters make 1meter?


How many decimeters are in 1 meter?

There are 10 decimeters in 1 meter, as the prefix "deci-" represents a factor of 10^-1 or 1/10.

What is 2.5 cm in decimeters?

2.5 centimeters / 10 (deci is ten, centi is one hundred) = 0.025 decimeters

How many cm are in 58 decimeters?

ten decimeters in one centimeters so 58 dm = 5.8 cm