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How much is the 2008 misprinted five dollar bill worth?


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August 22, 2010 4:09AM

Nothing, theres no misprint. The five dollar bills says series 2006 because they were made in 2006. The just came out in 2008.

Not exactly ...

Remember, US bills are printed with, as noted, series dates. The definition of a series date has changed over the years but the Treasury currently starts a new series of bills only when a new Secretary of the Treasury takes office. Because Henry Paulson was in office from 2006 to 2009, both types of $5 bills were "Series 2006". The new purple and gray ones were in fact printed in 2008-2009, not 2006.

Note that in the past series dates were changed even less often so some bills went as long as 30 years with the same date!

Not completely exactly on the improvement...

Bureau of Engraving and Printing tested new design by first printing green seal notes, only issuing 410 million in 64 print runs before production of new design with purple seal started ( As such, these notes in a limited run are worth more than $5. The new design issuance with purple seal is not worth more than $5 (as 2 billion have been printed to date).