How much is the Prince Of Brunei worth today in 2010?

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In Brunei
Apróximadamente 22 billones de dólares y se estima que puede ser superior a esta cifra
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How much are old Prince records worth?

Answer . Any of the following websites may be able to provide the value of your album:.

How much is this stock worth today?

You would first have to know a few things. Date of purchase? august 1, 1982 Quantity of purchase? 4 Purchase price? 5,000 Were there dividends? unknown Were the dividend reinvested in stock or paid in cash? How many times has the stock split? unknown The rest is just math.

How much is gold worth today?

Gold prices change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the Internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check the related links for the latest values.

How much is sixpence worth today?

At Britains conversion to decimal currency in February, 1971, the Sixpence had no new decimal equivalent coin, but was equal to 2.5 New Pence in the new currency. The British Sixpence was last minted for general circulation in 1967. From a coin collectors perspective, a Sixpence, depending on ( Full Answer )

How much is a sixpence worth today?

A sixpence in straight currency conversion is 2.5p but sixpences made before 1920 are sterling silver and worth a pound or two in silver scrap regardless of the year and condition, sixpences made from 1920-1946 are 50% silver and worth 50p to a pound depending on silver prices based on silver scrap. ( Full Answer )

How much is Alaska worth today?

9 trillion dollars that equals US national debt. I suugest that we sell it to save the economy once for all

How much the 1971 dollar is worth today?

The value of collectibles such as dollar bills from past years canbe impacted by its condition as well as any special markings. A1971 dollar is worth approximately 10 dollars today.

How much is a 1973 dollar worth today?

According to $1.00 (1973) would buy about $4.84 in 2008. So I'd call it about $5.00.

How much is a shilling worth today?

The British Shilling was last minted for circulation in 1966. At Britain's conversion to decimal currency in February, 1971, the Shilling coin converted to 5 New Pence in the new currency. In most other Commonwealth countries, the Shilling converted to 10 cents at decimalisation. From a coin coll ( Full Answer )

How much is Walmart worth today?

Well if you mean how good it is then I would say:. Wal*Mart has GREAT prices and everything you basically need.. If you mean how much it would be to buy the chain or just one:. I have no idea [: But I hoped this helped. It probably didn't. Reanswer if you want.

How much is the ford stock worth today?

You can get a ford stock for as low as $4 today on Though it is sujested that you shouldn't invest in there stocks quite yet because they are still low and will bring in no intrest what so ever. Dont keep your eye off it though because they should hit a turning point soon.

How much is this 1975 dime worth today?

A typical run-of-the-mill 1975 dime is worth $0.10. A rare specimen might be worth more, but since you didn't give us any distinguishing characteristics, we can't help you.

How much is a farthing worth today?

A Farthing was one quarter of a predecimal Penny. They were withdrawn and demonetised in 1960. As far as collector value is concerned, it would depend on the year and condition of the coin. At Britains conversion to decimal currency in 1971, a Farthing would have converted to about 0.01 of a decim ( Full Answer )

How much is a 2010 nickel worth?

5 cents unless it is a mis strike then it could be worth thousands of dollars, but there are not very many of those out there.

How much is 30 shillings worth today?

The British Shilling and the Shillings of most other Commonwealth countries are part of long redundant currencies which no longer have exchange rates with any other currency. There were 20 Shillings in a Pound and 12 Pence in a Shilling. At the time of Britains conversion to decimal currency, ( Full Answer )

How much is coal worth today?

Coal comes in many types - for many uses. Thermal Coal: Primary for Power Generation - can be as affordable as $13.25 per ton Metallurgical Coal: Primary for Manufacturing Cost as much as $300+ per ton Difference: Based in the energy content measured in BTU's - British Thermal Units Low: 8,400 Btu's ( Full Answer )

How much is five shillings worth today?

If your question is basically 'when shillings were currency what would 5 be worth today' then you'd need say what year you'd be talking about. After all, a pound is not worth the same (in terms of buying power) as it was 20 years ago. But you may not mean that. You may mean how many shillings are t ( Full Answer )

How much is a 1942 penny worth today?

July 17, 2009. There were almost 1 billion 1942 Lincoln Cents produce at 3 US Mint facilities. With numbers such as this the coin can not be considered scarce. The mintmark helps determine the value of a coin and the mintmark for this coin can be found on the obverse [heads] side of the coin under ( Full Answer )

How much is prince fielders contract worth?

Fielder signed a 2 year, $18 million contract in January, 2009. He will be eligible for arbitration in the 2011 season and for free agency in 2012.

How much is 6d in 1800 worth today?

Sixpence GBP in 1800 had the purchasing power of about £1.20 GBP today. NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations for which I cannot take credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.

How much is a 2008 penny worth today?

Assuming you're referring to a U.S. cent, unless there's something to distinguish it from the other 5.4 billion or so cents minted with that date, it's only worth one cent. VERY few recent-date coins are worth anything more than face value, given the enormous quantities made each year.

How much is Facebook worth today?

As of December 7th 2014, Facebook's market value is listed to be213,544.84 Million US Dollars on the Bloomberg site. Facebook'smarket value crossed 200,000,000 USD 9th of December, 2014.

How much is a 3DO worth today?

the 3do is a rare game console in todays market b/c not many people bought them or took care of them the average price on the 3do in todays economy as of April 04 2009 was $209.99

How much is Justin Bieber worth today?

THE ACTUAL FACT OF HOW MUCH HE WOULD BE WORTH IS WELLL..... he is a famous signer so some people would want him so if you wanted him to be your managor he would cost most likley £1678 IN TOATAL

How much is MySpace worth in 2010?

In 2010 Myspace will approximately be worth 20-25 Billion dollars. In 2009 Myspace's total networth was 19.5 billion dollars. Facebook is currently netting 20 billion dollars in assests and worth. Projected to reach 40 billion in 3 years or less.

900 in 1965 worth how much today?

$900.00 from 1965 would be worth $6,229.30. In the time period there was about a 4.4% annual increase from inflation.

How much is the last supper worth today?

Since it is an irreplaceable, one of a kind painting, there is no way to place a value, other than what someone would be willing to pay.

How much is half of shekel worth today?

A biblical half-shekel is the equivalent today of 1/4 oz. of silver. To estimate the dollar value, check what an oz. of silver is trading at on the market and then divide by 4 for your answer. Type your answer here...

How much would a Groat be worth today?

The last Groat (Fourpence) was minted in 1888. Fourpence GBP in 1888 had the purchasing power of about £1.23 GBP today. NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations by a purpose designed program for which I can take no credit. The resulting answer shou ( Full Answer )

How much is a 1976 2 unused bill worth today July 2010 it is not a Red Seal?

It's an ordinary Federal Reserve Note. The last red-seal US Notes were $100 bills dated 1966, so all bills issued after than would be standard green-seal FRN's. Huge numbers of $2 bills were printed in the 1976 series as part of the Bicentennial observances so they don't have much extra value. A ( Full Answer )

How much is 6000 in 1803 worth today?

6,000 floppals in 1803 are worth 296,000 floppals in 2010 because of severe unbalance in the floppal market due to the crash of 1857 and 1987. Many people were made homeless due to the floppal crash.

How much was 100 in 1871 worth today?

One Hundred Pounds GBP in 1871 had the purchasing power of about £6193.92 GBP today. NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations by a purpose designed program for which I can take no credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximat ( Full Answer )

How much is a Reichsmark worth today?

$0, because they don't have value anymore. Just hisoric memory ofthe Third Reich, it has hisorical value... other than that's justpaper.

How much is Tudor money worth today?

Farthing = 1/4 penny Half penny = 1/2 penny Three farthing = 3/4 penny Penny = 1 penny = 1d Half groat = 2 pennies = 2d Groat = 4 pennies = 4d Sixpence = 6 pennies = 6d Shilling = 12 pennies = 1s Half crown = 30 pennies = 2s 6d Quarter angel = 30 pennies = 2s 6d Crown = 60 pennie ( Full Answer )

How much is YouTube worth today?

well today (8th June 2011) its worth around $36billion it was bought by Google in 2006 for $1.6billion youtube was made in 2005

What is the literacy rate in Brunei 2010?

The literacy rate in Brunei in 2010 was an average of about 92.7%. 95.2% of the male population there is literate and 90.2% of the female population is literate.

How much is a diamond worth today?

Every diamond is worth what someone will pay you for it. Each diamond is valued by its cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. A certified gemologist can help you establish a fair market price for your diamond.

How much is a 1952 penny worth today?

2/11/2012 0.0065 pounds of copper 0.0003 pounds of zinc A roll of 50 pennies is valued at $1.27 when copper is at $3.8465 / lb and zinc at $0.9364 / lb (exact value is $1.2687707291403). $0.03 Hope that helps!

How much is a 1907 v worth today?

Do you mean a 1907 Liberty Head nickel? If so it's common, in average circulated grades values are $1.00-$3.00.

How much is the dollar worth today in euro?

You need to say which type of dollar you want to convert from or into. There are many different currencies in the world called "dollar". For example, Singapore dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar.

How much is aounce of Platinum worth today?

Perhaps you ought to read the question you asked, it makes no sense. Are you asking us to interprate what you mean and then answer what we think you are asking?