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The iPod touch price depends on where you are looking for the iPod touch. You can find a more affordable iPod at any locations besides the apple store. The apple store sells everything for a lot more than any other store would.

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Q: How much is the iPod touch price?
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How much is an iPod Touch for Christmas?

A ipod touch costs $229 at the lowest price and $399 at the highest price.

How much money is the iPod touch 5?

The price of the iPod touch 5 varies, but it is approximately $229.00 to $378.00.

How much does an ipod touch cost regular price?


What is the lowest price for the iPod touch?

The lowest price for a ipod touch is $204.99. It is at Best Buy.

How much does a ipod touch cost at target?

around 400.00$ it depends how much you want to hold on you very own ipod touch. walmarts price for it is 189.00!

How much is the lowest ipod touch price?

4th generation 8g is $199

How much does a 8 gig ipod touch cost?

This is the actual price: 8gb Ipod touch- 1,750 songs 10 hours of video= $229.00

How much do a 16 gb ipod touch cost?

This is the full and updated price: 16gb Ipod Touch- 3,500 songs 20 hours of video= $299.00

How much for a 32gb ipod touch wholesale price?

The cost of a 32 GB is about $400.00. The exact price is $399.99

What is the price of an iPod touch?


What is the price of the iPod touch in Jordan?


What is the price for ipod touch 4g?


Is there a cheaper price for the ipod touch than 199?

The only cheaper price for an iPod touch that is lower than $199 is finding a used iPod Touch on eBay or other retail store that sells used iPod Touches. The price on the iPod Touch was just lowered a few weeks ago, so don't expect a price drop anytime soon.

339582 apple iPod 8gb iPod touch price?


How much revenue is made from iPod Touches?

The average cost to make and iPod touch runs about $147.00. The price of a current iPod touch is $299.00 for a 32gb model. That's a profit of about $152.00

What are the lowest prices for an iPod touch?

The lowest price for an ipod Touch is $199 for an 8GB (New) at

When will iPod touch 8GB be 199?

it is currently 2012,the price of an 8gb ipod touch is 199$ already.

How much is an ipod touch song?

An 'iPod Touch song' is a song you buy from iTunes, and the price of the songs can either be $.69, $.99, or $1.29 depending on the popularity of the song.

How much are 8 gb ipod touches?

The price of a 8gb Ipod Touch ranges from $210- $300. Not that expensive and they are worth the money.

How much the iPod touch 5th generation iPod will be?

It should be the same price as all the other iPods, in Australia, around $200 +

Where can you find ipod touch under 50 dollars?

Your best bet would be ebay. Otherwise, its almost impossible to get an ipod touch THAT much lower than the original price.

Can you switch an iPod Touch for the new iPod Touch?

Yes you can, but you would most likely have to pay the difference of price.

What is the price of iPod touch 5 in Dubai?


What is the price for iPod touch?

For a new one it is about $229.

What is price of apple iPod touch in Pakistan?