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I paid $249 AUD last week and that was the best price i could get.

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What is better PSP street or PSP 3000?

Psp street is much better i have psp 3000 and psp street and psp street is better then psp i would say.

What is better PSP Slim and Lite or PSP-3000?

The PSP 3000 is a much later version compared to the PSP Slim and Lite (or 2000).The main improvements in the PSP 3000 includes a better screen colour and build in mic.I personally like the PSP 3000 more as I find the colours on the PSP 3000 better compared to the PSP2000.

How much psp 3000 cost in ksa jeddah?

new psp 3000 price is 680sr and psp go is also 680sr.

How much is the cheapest psp?


How much does a PSP 3000 cost in the us?

The psp 3000 costs $169.99The psp go costs $249.99I suggest the psp 3000In Spain the psp 3000 costs 164 euros 95 centsThe psp go costs 189 euros 99 centsAnd once again I suggest the psp 3000 as the psp go is not rated well at all

Which PSP is better system PSP go or PSP-3000?

A psp-3000 because it is new

What is more lighter a PSP 3000 or PSP go?

The PSP-Go is by far lighter and smaller. It is much more portable than the PSP-3000 as it is more compact.

What is better a PSP go or a PSP 3000?

PSP 3000

Which is better a PSP 3000 or a PSP go?

psp 3000

How much does PSP 3000 cost in Bangladesh?

psp 3000 it is somewhat 13000 to 16000 psp 2000 is 10000 i prefer go which is 30000 but better

How much will you get for a psp 3000?

In game about £55

What is better PSP slim or PSP 3000?

psp 3000 is the best

How much money do you get at gamestop for trading in the PSP 3000?

You would get about 75 dollars if you trade in a psp 3000 if not about 70 dollars.

Which PSP is the best between original PSP PSP slim or PSP 3000?

psp 3000 totally

How much silver psp cost?

psp 3000 cost about $200.00-$250.00

Will PSP 3000 charger work with PSP 3000 slim?

The model is PSP Slim and Lite or PSP 3000. They are the same thing.

Is PSP go better or PSP 3000?

In my opinion the psp 3000 is better, i have owned a 2000 3000 and a go but overall the 3000 is the best. I trust you know about the UMDs of a psp but since the psp go uses legal downloaded games from the playstation store you dont have as much of a range of games or the same cheap prices you get with UMDs for the 3000.

Is the PSP 3000 a slim?

No, psp 3000 is Brite.

Can you play regular PSP games in the PSP 3000?

Yes the PSP 3000 is a regular PSP

Can yo play PSP 3000 game in PSP 2000?

There is no such thing as a 'PSP 3000 game'. PSP UMD's will work on PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000.

Is PSP 1000 better than PSP 3000?

I like PSP 3000

Is the PSP 3000 better then the PSP vita?

psp 3000 way better

How much are the psp games at Gamestop?

Is it a PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSPGo or the PSVita? New Or Used

What can a PSP slim 3000 do?

this psp of 3000 its hd or no and how to know its 3000 cuz its same same with this psp 2000

How much will you get for your psp 3000 at Gamestop?

About 80 bucks