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Q: How much is the security deposit for an parliamentary election?
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Besides a security deposit how much can a landlord charge for a pet deposit on 2 cats?

That depends on the laws of the state. In Massachusetts, a pet deposit is a security deposit, and the total security deposit cannot be more than one month's rent.

How much deposit does a candidate pay to enter the general election in the Bahamas?

Each candidate in the Bahamas pays $400.00 deposit to enter the general election

How much is a security deposit?

I believe its different for each apartment or house you rent

Can you charge first months rent last months rent and a security deposit in California?

Yes, I believe so. The security deposit is limited to 2 month's rent which is pretty much what you are asking about.

What is the average security deposit on an apartment?

When you rent an apartment the first and last month's rent is required plus security deposit of several hundred dollars. It can cost as much as 1500-2500 dollars to rent an apartment.

How much money do you need to start with Verizon?

Typically a 1000.00 security deposit if you don't have good credit.

How much is security deposit for an apartment?

Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment Depending on the lease or the apartment

Can a landlord keep a security deposit for damages rent and water even if the tenant files for bankruptcy?

Most likely. A security depsit is something that every state allows landlords to collect. The purpose of security deposits is to assure that a tenant pays rent on time and keeps the property in good condition. Half of the states place limitations on how much a security deposit can be. In addition, there are usually limitations on how a security deposit can be used by a landlord. Rent and water damages are the type fo thing that a security deposit is supposed to cover. You should look into how much damage there was as you may still be owed some money back. But the fact that you filed bankruptcy does not necessarily entitle you to your security deposit. It may be better to think of it as money already spent than a refund you are supposed to get back.

How do you decide how much to charge for a security deposit on a 12 month long term lease on a home worth 340000 rent 1800 per month?

Most states have a statute which limits the amount of a security deposit, usually to one month's rent.

How much is security deposit for a house rental?

I don't know how much other companies charge for security deposits but San Diego Resort Rentals and Services requires 25% of total anticipated charges.

How much deposit can you charge a renter?

All 50 states allow renters to be charged a security deposit when renting. The amount is left up to the discretion of the landlord, but typically it is equal to the first month's rent.

How much of a cleaning/security deposit is typically required for cheap apartments?

As a general rule all apartments require at least $250 as a cleaning deposit, most apartments today are asking for one month's rent as deposit for cleaning, but for cheaper you can get this lesser amount.

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