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How much is ticket in WA state for new driver having passenger in car Who pays?


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2012-07-02 04:34:17
2012-07-02 04:34:17

I don't know the amount, but "who pays" is simple: it's the person whose name is on the ticket. If your stupid kid stupidly let their stupid friend talk them into giving said stupid friend a ride, then you might be able to talk their stupid friend's parents (who are probably also stupid) into paying for it, or at least sharing the cost, but ultimately as far as the state is concerned, the person who will be on the hook if the fine is not paid is your stupid kid. So make sure your stupid kid knows this, and tell them not to let anyone talk them into giving them a ride, no matter how much they beg or how good a friend they are.


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dont know what state your in but in cali who ever is not wearing the seat belt gets the ticket

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depends on the age of the offender. if the person is 16 years or older then they get the ticket, if the person is 15 or younger then the driver gets the ticket.

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A seat belt violation is the responsibility of the driverof the vehicle. The age of the offending passenger is irrelevant.The driver is always the one ticketed, because he is the one who has the driver's license and is in control of the vehicle. Like the captain of a ship, the driver is responsible for everything that occurs in or on the vehicle, especially while it is in motion.It depends on local laws. Generally, the driver receives the ticket unless the passenger is at least 15 or 16 depending on the state. Minnesota will ticket the passenger directly at 15, Wisconsin will ticket them directly at 16. Which state are you in?

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A ticket received by a driver who violates the driving laws in that particular state or city.

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The job requirements for a transportation driver are vary from state to state. One of them is that a driver possess a Commercial Driver's License - Class B with Passenger endorsement.

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