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The Philippines has a total land area of 299,404 square kilometers or approximately 30 million hectares. Around 33 percent of the total land area is arable. That translates to 9.3 million hectares of arable land. A hectare is 10,000 square meters.

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Q: How much land in the Philippines is arable?
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What is the impact on the devastation in Egypt?

Less arable land, and greater reliance on the Nile river.

What is the difference between arithmetic density and physiological density?

The arithmetic density of a population is the total number of people in proportion to the area of land (land size) The physiological density of a population is the total population in proportion to the area of arable land. Therefore, the arithmetic density of a population is always lower than the physiological density, since a land's arable portion can only be a subset of it's full size. Arithmetic = (Population/Full size) Physiological = (Population/Arable zones)

What are resources of the British Isles?

North sea oil and gas, coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, lead, zinc, gold, tin, limestone, salt, clay, chalk, gypsum, potash, silica sand, slate, arable land. The arable land part is not correct you cannot have arable land in the north sea. I believe it means those items were on land.

How long after a volcano erupts does the land become fertile again?

The volcanic dust spread over arable land enriches the soil because it contains minerals.

What is the earths livable land area?

The question is almost impossible to answer because we do not know the condition of the land to start with. Arable land is land that can be, or is cultivated. Can the land be capable of being tilled or plowed for the production of crops. The location of the land is important, To hot or to cold, salty, rainy, snowy, polluted or are the nutrients poor. Converting non arable land into a fit condition may require fertilization, water/irrigation, planting of trees and also consider access for both man and machinery. Consider also if all this is cost effective.

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How much arable land is in italy?

Apporx.40% of arable land.

How much arable land is there in Romania?

Approx. 40 % of arable land.

What is Arable Farming?

Arable farmming is farmming done on arable land and arable land is land that is good for farmming. For example rocky, and sandy land is considered non arable land

Which types of land are arable?

Which type of land are termed arable

What is the percent of land is arable?

Kazakhstan has 7.52% arable land.

What percentage of the land in Japan is arable?

11.64% of the land in Japan is arable based on the world factbook.

How do you use the word arable in a sentence?

Thanks to drought, much of California's arable land currently lies fallow.

Can you give me sentence with the word arable?

Here are some sentences.The farmer bought arable land that he could grow crops on.The arable land was much better than the rocky slopes behind it.

What percent of Germany's land is arable?

33% of Germany's land is arable.

What is the percentage of arable land in New Zealand?

5.54% of land is arable

Which type of land are termed arable?

Which type of land are termed arable

What can you say about the arable land of Pakistan?

24 percent land is arable