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depends upon the diameter and length of the straw

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The length of a straw, is about 7 1/2 inches, and 19 1/2 cm.

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You must first decide what property of the straw you want to measure: its length, its thickness, its mass, its volume, its color, etc.

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About 5 ml

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Q: How much liquid does a straw hold?
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What does adhesion produce an effect of when you place a straw in a liquid?

Adhesion produces the effect of capillary action when a straw is placed in liquid. Capillary action is liquid's ability to flow in narrow spaces without external forces like gravity.

How does a straw work using Boyle's law relating to volume and pressure?

If you suck some air out of a straw, the remaining air in the straw will have to contract in volume in order to maintain the same pressure, which it will do because normal air pressure is still pressing on the liquid in which the straw is submerged. The contracting air will then draw up the liquid.

Why does a straw appear to bend in water?

the air in the liquid is blocked off by your mouth when its on the straw so when u sip the flow of air and carbons bring the liquid thorugh the straw through capillary action

Can you sip the same amount of liquid through two straws at once as one straw?

you can sip more out of 1 straw than 2

Assuming that you could survive in outer space without a space suit would it be possible to drink using a straw explain y or why not?

No. The action of a drinking through a straw is that you suck the air out of the straw, and the air pressure on the outside of the cup them pushes the liquid up the straw. If there were no air pressure on the surface of the liquid, then there wouldn't be anything to cause the liquid to rise. However; 1. If there were no air pressure, the liquid would boil and vaporize; there wouldn't be any liquid to drink. 2. In weightlessness, you can't suck water through a straw even IN atmosphere; the liquid forms globules under the influence of its own surface tension. On the Space Station, the astronauts drink from sealed bulbs; sort of like juice pouches. You squeeze the pouch to push the liquid into your mouth.

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How much liquid will a McDonald's straw hold?

A McDonald's straw holds about 12528.1mm cubed liquid. I calculated the density and volume and came up with 12,528.1 milimeter cubed of liquid.

How much liquid will an eight inch drinking straw hold?

It depends on the diameter of the straw, which varies. Multiply the diameter by 3.14 and the result by the length of the straw.

Why does a straw hold liquid in it just by placing it in a drink?

pretty sure it's capillary action

What is a straw colored liquid in the circulatory system?

The straw colored liquid is called the plasma.

How does the last amount of liquid in a straw get into your mouth when the cup is empty and there is no more surface liquid for atmospheric pressure to work on forcing the liquid up the straw?

Air pressure within the straw.

How do you make a straw that won't work?

Sabotaging a StrawPutting one or more pinholes in the straw, above the level of the liquid, will allow air to enter the straw at the top, and the liquid will not rise in the straw. To use this "sabotaged straw", merely switch ends (flip it over) so that the pinholes go under the liquid.

Why does sucking on a straw make the liquid come up?

When you suck on a straw the pressure at the top of the straw becomes lower than the pressure at the bottom, which forces liquid up.

Is straw a solid or a liquid?


Is straw a liquid or a solid?


How much pressure can a straw hold?

not very much :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P::P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P <---- find the one that's messed up

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