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No-one can tell, you may go into labor tonight or you may go another 2 weeks.

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Q: How much longer do you have to go in pregnancy after you have dilated 1cm and the baby's head is down?
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Can you be able to get pregnancy after menopause?

No, you cannot get pregnant after menopause. Menopause is when your ovaries shut down because you are no longer fertile.

You have been told that your babys head is down and im 35.5 weeks what does this mean?

Most babies are born with the head coming out first. In the early phases of pregnancy the baby may move position from head up to head down and vice versa. When the head is down it is in the right position to be born.

What does the cervix is soft mean if dilated to a one?

Your baby is moving down the birth canal

What does dilacid means?

Dilacid is not a word. Dilated means how much the cervix (or womb) has opened. Dilated pupil means that there is a disease of the eye, which is basically caused by slimming down of the dilator muscle of the iris.

Early menstrual cycle mean pregnancy?

If you were pregnant then you'd no longer have a menstrual cycle, if you don't understand that then you should in no way be having sex or sexually active to risk pregnancy. The menstrual cycle is your body preparing for possible pregnancy, when pregnant the cycle is shut down.

How can you hear your babys heartbeat at home?

lie down in the bath with your ears uder the water like your washing your hair!! make sure its really quiet, first you will hear your heartbeat then you will hear the babys, you know its the babys because its double the speed of yours!!

How can you be 5cm dilated and 50 effaced with some contractions but not be in hard labor?

alot of it depends of if this is your first of multiple pregnancy. has the baby dropped down in the birth canal or not. the baby could not be head first and could be laying sideways. there are too many unknowns here to answer correctly.

How does down syndrome affect a babys development?

It just does(: it eats the baby's brain out like a zombie

How do you detect down syndrome?

If you test for it in pregnancy the test is called a CVS or an Amniocentesis. They test the amniotic fluid or a piece of the babys' placenta for the third 21st chromosome. After birth, they take some blood from the baby and run what is called a Karyotype. That test will count the chromosomes in the cells of the blood and if there are 3 21st chromosomes that means Down Syndrome

How long can a cow be down before her meat is no longer good?

meat is no longer good if she is down.

How to Increase pregnancy with upside down uterus?

There is no method by which you can increase the pregnancy rate in retroverted uterus.

Can you terminate a pregnancy by falling down the stairs?

If you are considering aborting a pregnancy then just get an abortion. it is safer for you.

How many days urine show a positive pregnancy test after pregnancy loss?

It depends on how high your HCG level was. I had a loss in August and it took 4weeks to get back down to Zero. I had to keep having blood tests until it went down to five. So even tho it climbs really high really fast the decline takes longer.

If a women with Down syndrome is pregnant what would be the negatives and the positives during the pregnancy?

A pregnancy with Down Syndrome would be the same as any other pregnancy. But, there's a chance that if the mother finds out that her child has Down Syndrome by having some testing done, she might become depressed.

At what stage of a pregnancy does Down syndrome occur?

At conception.

Why do you have a dark line going down my belly?

From pregnancy

Do horses stand during pregnancy?

Unless stressed, mares generally lay down to foal. Horses cannot lay down for prolonged periods and pregnancy is no exception.

Is it possible to be greatly dilated but then have it shrink down?

Honestly I have never heard of such as this. When you dialate the baby comes down a little more. It keeps you from closing back up. Now it could very well be that you could close slightly but not shrink back down. Also sometimes a doctor or nurse measures you more than you have actually dialated--making you think you have dialated a lot and gone back down. It's just a common miscalculation though. But it is very discouraging when you are giving birth to your little one.AnswerYes, it is possible for your cervix to shrink down in between contractions. Pressure on the cervix when it is not fully dilated can cause it to swell and you will lose progress. This is why doctors do not advise you to push until you are fully dilated (10 cm).

How girl can know that she is pregnant?

Do a pregnancy test. Scroll down to related links and look at "Pregnancy test - Wikipedia".

How do you read quantitative hcg results?

A quantitative HCG done in early pregnancy is very helpful. If it doubles in 2 to 3 days, the pregnancy is normal. If it goes down instead of up, the pregnancy is not a good one. If it goes up or down only slightly, you may have an ectopic or tubal pregnancy.

Where can one find more about chemical pregnancy?

A very good site for information about a chemical pregnancy call Count Down to Pregnancy. They explain it is nonmedical terms. Information about what a chemical pregnancy is and how it is diagnosed is available.

Your midwife has put down your babys head is fixed what does this mean?

It means that the fetus has decended and the head is now in the posistion ready for delivery

What does it mean to have a dark line down your belly is it a pregnancy sign?

no , its not

What is the function of the renal pelvis?

The renal pelvis is the dilated portion of the ureters that collects the urine.After the urine flows down the bladder. It is the place of some types of cancers.

What are all the symptoms of a phantom pregnancy?

The only difference between a phantom pregnancy and a real pregnancy is that with a phantom pregnancy you are not actually carrying a baby and you will usually have a period and a negative pregnancy test. You will have the same symptoms as a regular pregnancy and they can last at least as long as 7 months.Scroll down to related links and look at "False pregnancy - Wikipedia"