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How much mass does a cat have?

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A cat has several kilograms of mass. The metric system uses mass normally.

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How much mass does an adult cat have?

wheigh it

Is the mass of a cat in grams the greater than the mass of a cat?

No, always the mass of the cat will be the same as the mass of the cat. If you use different units (grams or kilograms), you will have to provide some sort of conversion.

How much should a normal cat weigh?

It depends on the breed of cat, along with a variety of other factors, including muscle mass.

Which is a greater number the mass of a cat in grams or the mass of the same cat in kilograms?

The mass of a cat in grams is greater because in 1 gram = 1,000 kilograms.

What is th average mass of a cat in grams?

The average mass of a cat is 5,000 grams.

What is the best estimate for the mass of the cat?

The best estimate for the mass of a cat is 10 lbs. Some cats are smaller than that, around 5 lbs., why some are much larger, over 20 lbs.

What is heavier the mass of cat in grams or the mass of cat in kilograms?

The cat will weigh the same as long as it dont eat or use the restroom while you weigh it

Best estimate for the mass of a cat?

The mass of an average cat is 6.3 pounds.

How big is Ceres compared to a cat?

Ceres is a dwarf planet that has a mass of 94,300,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms and is 950 kilometers in diameter. An average cat has a mass of about 4.5 kilograms and is about 46 centimeters in length. Ceres is then 20,955,555,555,555,555,555 times the mass of a cat.

How do you pronounce Massabielle?

Mass-a- (as in cat) by-ell.

HOW much do i feed my cat?

how much your cat wants

How can a small object be densest if it does not have the most mass?

density is defined as mass per volume. So even though the atmosphere may have more mass than a cat, the cat has a higher density because it has more mass/volume.

Why is it easier to pick up a cat and not an elephant?

because a cat is very small but a elephant has more mass than a cat

Will a fat cat stay warmer then a skinny cat?

Probably depends on the cat's metabolism. Generally, one that is more lean will have a faster metabolism and will stay warm. However, also depends on how much and the length of fur the cat has, and lean body mass.

Which has a greater number of units the mass of a cat in grams or the mass of the same cat in kilograms?

It takes only a moment to think that a gram is one one-thousandth the mass of a kilogram, that there are one thousand grams in a kilogram. So for the mass of anything, cat or otherwise, there will always be exactly one thousand times as many grams as there are kilograms.

What is the mass of a cat that weighs 30 N?


Can a cat hunt too much?

A cat cannot hunt too much. A cat doesn't eat much. A rat is enough to be eaten for a cat daily. A cat also uses energy during hunting. A too much hunting may make a cat tired.

How much is cat womans cat-illac?

Way to much!

What is the mass of a cat that weighs 30.0 newtons?

On earth, the cat's mass is 30.0 / 9.807 or 3kg

How much should I feel my cat?

When you get a cat so Just putting you could only feel your cat if you pet it

What is A metric unit of a cat?

That depend what aspect of the cat you want to measure - its length, mass, etc.

How much should you weigh for a girl if you are 5'7 and 14 years old?

Please refer to the page on body mass index:

How much is a she-cat?

It depends on what breed it is

How much is a chocolate Siamese cat worth?

how much is a Chinese Siamese cat

What is the most reasonable measure for the mass of a cat?

25 lbs