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There are about 1124 middle schools in the state of New York, with 107 middle schools in New York City.


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There are much, much more than 5 cities in New York State. If you are talking about the 5 boroughs in the City Of New York then you have: Then Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

high school because theres more classes than enka middle school, and so, most high schools are pretty big like mine in Enka High School, but some high schools are small, but, it depends how many middle schoolers are in the middle school and how many middle schools are in the district, for example there was 6 middle schools in Enka and soon they will be transported to High School. and depends how much are the kids there. :]

As New York has many acting schools, you should research all of them online. After you have read reviews and found out how much each costs you should then make your decision. Julliard School of dance has been recognized for many years as one of the top acting schools and so has the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Middle school classes tend to have more responsibility (including homework) than elementary schools, but not quite as much as most high school classes. Also, in many middle schools, extra classes like band are offered.

There are a number of law schools in the New York City area (as well as several others upstate). Some of the top 14 law schools in the country are New York Schools (the top 14 tend to be on a separate level from all other schools in many peoples' minds). The New York schools among that group are: Columbia University New York University Cornell University Other strong, top 50 law schools in New York City include: Fordham University, Cardozo Law (Yeshiva University). There are also schools in the city at Brooklyn College of Law and New York College of Law The schools have very different admissions requirements so it is very much a factor of IF you can go to a school before its where you SHOULD go.

Each middle school is different in terms of classes, but here are pretty much the main classes most middle schools offer:* Algebra * Pre-Algebra * English * Geometry (available in most middle schools, but not all) * P.E. (Physical Education) * Science (Life, Physical, etc.) * Elective (Electives vary greatlyfrom middle school to middle school)

By the middle of the nineteenth century much of the South's cotton market was controlled by the north. New York capitalists controlled most of the trading.

The average salary for an R.N. in New York City in May 2015 was $92,000. This sounds like a lot of money, but the cost of living in New York City is much higher than many other cities.

Umm, it never got to New York and there were no stops since the whole time it was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It has about 1789 cities.

49,029,079,0095,133 Schools in Canada.

50 cities are in Michigan

well not so much elementary but middle and high schools yes; especially high school cause that's when collages are going to be looking for people for scholarship's. also it keeps students active.

Of course any school can have an Masquerade Dance, but it also depends on how much money your school has, what type of school you go to; etc.

I think that new york city is one of them. I am trying to figure this out to though. I think that new york city is one of them. I am trying to figure this out to though. I think that new york city is one of them. I am trying to figure this out to though.

Fathers' power decreased because they were now absent from home so much

kind of different, people used to go to schools where it was much more way more strict than it is today

Any where from 8,000 per pupil to 25,000 per pupil in New York schools.

Cisco schools help you very much. It is a really good type of school to choose from. You can learn a lot and much much more from them than regular schools.

Physicians were trained in medical schools and universities during the Late Middle Ages. In fact the medical schools had existed since the Early Middle Ages or earlier. Their medical practice consisted of much more than a study of leeches, and the education of a physician took a number of years.

there are about 6 million cities in the world

it was really bad. they didn't have much ed ucation since they were all stupid!

Pretty much anywhere, but best places to get good quality stuff is in the big cities (Philly, new york, Boston, ect...)

The New York University School of Medicine offers a Radiology training. You will need to speak to them personally to determine how much the training will cost.

Halle attended Heskett Middle School and Bedford High School and Cuyahoga Community College. Not much is known of her Elementary school.

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