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How much milk is produced in Honduras?


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DFA produced about 32.5 million pounds of milk

wisconsin.EDIT:I think milk is mostly produced in Europe.

Milk is produced by mammary glands which are found in breasts of mammals.

Milk is produced in the "mammary glands".

Yes, milk can be produced in almost all countries.

it is produced in Canada

The same way that milk is produced anywhere else besides Ontario.

How much money does Honduras make in 1 year

They produce abut 3 pints of milk in brazil becuase the cow are to skinny and if they take more than 3 they will die and there will be less milk. :(

Milk is produced from mammals mammary glands. In every 100 grams of milk, it contains 125 mg of calcium with one percent fat.

Colostrum is produced 3-5 months into the pregnancy. Milk is produced after the birth of your baby.

The fatty content of milk is called the butterfat. Cream is produced by separating the butterfat from whole milk.

milk it's healthier too Goat milk is milk produced by a dairy goat

Breast milk is produced in groups of cells called alveoli. Breast milk is also produced on a supply and demand basis, the more that is needed the more that is produced.

The first mammal feeding its baby produced the first milk. We would not know exactly when or where this was. It is even possible that mammals were not the first to breastfeed their offsprings with milk.

out of milk, cheese, yogurt, and sauerkraut it is milk

There is an average of 180,600,000,000 pounds of milk produced in the United States each year. This is equal to 21 billion gallons of milk.

Breast milk is milk that come from the breast. Breast milk is a general term we use to tell the difference between processed formula and milk produced by a human. It is an odd word since all milk is produced by mammary glands, whether human, bovine or dolphin.

No theres a lot of mountains in Honduras its pretty much all mountain there.

The more often you breastfeed, and the more milk is taken every feed, the faster milk is produced. That's why the less you breastfeed, and the less is taken, the less it is produced.

Minerals are not made of milk. Milk is produced by mammals to feed their young. Minerals are naturally produced in the earth. Some examples of minerals include calcite and quartz.

Milk is produced by most species of mammals to feed their young. Cow's milk and goat's milk dates to prehistory.

The milk will start to be produced after you give birth.

Milk has always and will always be produced in the mammary glands of mammals.

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