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At least 3 cups a day

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Why should you drink milk?

So your bones are nice and strong and you are helthy.

What mineral helps make strong bones?

You Need Calcium! if you want your bones to be strong drink milk!

Why do babies drink milk only?

Babies drink milk all day because they need strong bones.

How does milk make your bones strong?

Milk has lots of flavour but it still helps your bones grow not unless you drink milk for at least 80k per day thats how big ur bones get to be strong!

Explain Why a proper diet is important to your bones?

because your bones will weaken and if your on a proper diet and drink milk then your bones will stay strong.

Why should young children drink milk?

Young children should drink milk because it helps them with their teeth and bones by providing calcium.

Why does milk give you strong bones?

you don't actually get strong bones from the milk, it is the calcium that's in the milk.

What does milk provide?

It provides calcium for you!! Good teeth and strong bones ;) drink up <3

Should you drink milk?

Yes drnking milk has calcium and vitamin D its good for your bones

Do you need to drink milk?

We need to drink milk? We need to drink milk because Milk and milk products are loaded with calcium and other nutrients. Calcium products bones with rigidity and strength and it confers rapid growth in Children. And we also need to Exercise because. Exercise build strong bones and healthy bodies.

Why the child should drink milk?

a child should drink molk because milk for many reasons but the main reason is because milk contains calcium and calcium is needed for healthly bones a child should drink molk because milk for many reasons but the main reason is because milk contains calcium and calcium is needed for healthly bones

How does milk effect your body?

milk makes your bones and teeth strong milk can make you fat believe it or notif you don't drink it enough you will regret it when you are older

What is the best way humans can keep there bones strong?

If you drink a lot of milk and exercising, you are already keeping my bones strong. Basically try to consume more calcium.

What drink gives you strong bones?

Milk provides the body with calcium, which builds strong bones, although many scientists now believe that it is not the best source of calcium.

Is drinking milk healthy?

Yes! It is very healthy to drink milk. It provides calcium that make your bones strong, and it contains vitamins.

What should Pregnant woman drink?

Pregnant women should drink a lot of milk. Milk is good for your bones and provides you with calcium. Milk is also a very healthy choice for your baby.

Give 2 ways in which you can make your bones strong?

Don't drink soda, take calcium pills, and drink lots of milk!

What kind of milk do cows drink when they need strong bones?

The only type of milk that cattle drink is cows milk, they will only drink this when they are young. The first milk, also called Colostrum, gives the calf its needed antibodies in order for survival.

Do Milk Really Keep your Bones Strong?

No, its all made up, drink lots of soda instead, there are more nutrients in it than milk.

Does milk make your bones weak?

no, milk makes your bones stronger because it has calcium in it which make bones strong.no it doesn't make your bones weak because actually it makes your bones strong and because it has strong stuff in it that your body needs.New Answer:Milk can make your bones weak. It contains indigestible calcium, leading to calcium loss. If you want strong bones, limit or completely abstain from milk and eat plenty of green vegetables. Milk can cause or worsen osteoporosis. Milk does not equal strong bones.

What food should you eat to get strong bones?

You should maintain a balanced diet, but things in the dairy category are high in calcium which helps promote strong bones. Milk Cheese

How do you make you strong?

First, you must get you strong so you can be you strong. For you to do this to you, you must train you everyday. You must you drink milk until you bones are as strong as you can you be. You have to run you until you can't you run anymore. -You

How does milk keep your bones strong?

Milk is rich in calcium that makes your bone strong.

When do people drink milk?

people drink milk when they are young to have healthy bones or when they just want to

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