How much money can you make off of 1 ounce of purple haze?

== == Assuming you are referring to marijuana, because the current street name of a certain type of marijuana is "Purple Haze", and since marijuana is illegal to sell in most of the world and especially in the US without special licensing, it will probably make you less money than the costs of incarceration, legal fees, future negative effects of having a record of illegal drug sales, paranoia, and other social ramifications, would offset.

WikiAnswers does not track the data to be able to answer this specific question. If you do not already have that information, then you must not be licensed to sell, and we might be assisting an illegal activity if we were to provide that data. Also consider that street drugs are often impure and you may not know that what you are selling is laced with other drugs that carry even higher penalties for sellers. You could also, through selling something of unknown chemical content, be responsible for causing severe health damage or death to users which could carry very serious legal consequences including a possible manslaughter charge. You wouldn't make enough to cover the potential losses.

Additional note:

Jimi Hendrix sang of "purple haze" and it denoted LSD, not marijuana. It is illegal on the streets in the US and can also get you in a world of trouble. LSD is classified as a C-I drug (Controlled substance). "C- ones" are only available for experimental and research purposes. If you find them on the street, you have no assurance of content or purity. Since it acts directly on the brain and passes the blood-brain barrier, if it is impure, the consequences are of great concern.