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Selling a PSP on eBayAbout 10 dollars. But, you never know, there might be someone who believes that the PlayStation 1 is the best thing since sliced bread, and doesn't want to upgrade. Or, somebody from Bangladesh might be interested in the newest thing in gaming.
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Q: How much money could you make on eBay selling a PlayStation console with 3 controllers and a lot of games?
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If you were to sell an Mountain Dew limited edition XBox how much could you make?

here are ranges of prices of what you have just the console-$150 console with controllers-$180 console with md controllers-$220 console with 1-3 games-$175 console with 1-3 games and controllers-$210 all of these prices are with the cables

Where could you get the most money from selling a used playstation?

Selling to a Private buyer

Can PlayStation 2 controls be used on PlayStation 3?

No, PlayStation 2 controllers cannot be used on the PlayStation 3 due to the fact that the ports are different, Although you could rewire the end of the playstation 3's usb plug in for when you are charging the controllers to the ps2 controller, but that would be pointless.

Is their going to be a PlayStation 4?

The console could come out under that name or it could not . There is definitively no one from Sony saying that there will be a Playstation 4.

Is it possible to make PlayStation 3 controllers work on the PlayStation 2?

PS3 Dualshock 3 controllers are Bluetooth although they also work with a USB cord that is only a limited wired use. PS2 does not get or have Bluetooth so the controllers could not work wirelessly on a system that does not have Bluetooth

Where could a person buy a PlayStation 3 console?

A PlayStation 3 console can be purchased from a number of retailers. They can be purchased from Walmart, Best Buy or Target and one can buy them online from Amazon.

What happens if you remove the seal from the playstation 3?

The Game Console Could Be Damaged Or Voided

Where can one get PlayStation 3 controllers?

One could buy a Playstation 3 controller from many different stores such as the Playstation official store or even other gaming stores such as GameStop or Bestbuy.

Can you sell games that come with a PS3?

Most PS3's do not come with games when sold new, but sometimes they are included in a bundle. If they are on a Game Disc you can trade them in or sell them even if they are new in the package. Let's say you purchased a download at the Playstation Store for a game. It is possible to also download it again on another system, but against the Playstation agreement for the purchase and if discovered you could be banned from the Playstation Network and even billed for the additional downloads. If you are selling a PS3 that includes a harddrive full of purchases from the Playstation Store you are not selling the games but the console and you do not have to delete them. You can even list them as a feature of your console's desirability

Does a PlayStation 3 console play PlayStation 2 games?

None of the PS3 models that are in Production can, although the first PS3 models with 4 USB ports could

How much money could you make on eBay selling an xbox 360 console with 4 controllers a transformers skin and about 15 games and a 60gb hard drive?

it depends if it is new it could go around 4oo-5oodollars refurbished it can go around 3oo-350 used about 150-200

What will the PlayStation 4 look like?

The PS4 is a name for something that might never be. If Sony makes another Game console they don't have to continue to use the PlayStation name. The console that is that the PS3 slim could have been named the PlayStation 4. It is said by a Sony VP that Sony was working on the PlayStation 4 back when they were working on the PS3 slim in 2008. The question about the next generation of Game Console should be what does it do and how is it controlled by the game player and not what will it look like. Sony has increased the capabilities of the PS3 with 3D Move controllers and greater 3rd party services through software updates. They also added the Playstation Plus. The main features of new models are the larger harddrives and there will not be PS4 OR WHATEVER IT'S NAMED BEFORE FALL 2013

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