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Selling a PSP on eBayAbout 10 dollars. But, you never know, there might be someone who believes that the PlayStation 1 is the best thing since sliced bread, and doesn't want to upgrade. Or, somebody from Bangladesh might be interested in the newest thing in gaming.

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here are ranges of prices of what you have just the console-$150 console with controllers-$180 console with md controllers-$220 console with 1-3 games-$175 console with 1-3 games and controllers-$210 all of these prices are with the cables

No, PlayStation 2 controllers cannot be used on the PlayStation 3 due to the fact that the ports are different, Although you could rewire the end of the playstation 3's usb plug in for when you are charging the controllers to the ps2 controller, but that would be pointless.

The console could come out under that name or it could not . There is definitively no one from Sony saying that there will be a Playstation 4.

PS3 Dualshock 3 controllers are Bluetooth although they also work with a USB cord that is only a limited wired use. PS2 does not get or have Bluetooth so the controllers could not work wirelessly on a system that does not have Bluetooth

A PlayStation 3 console can be purchased from a number of retailers. They can be purchased from Walmart, Best Buy or Target and one can buy them online from Amazon.

One could buy a Playstation 3 controller from many different stores such as the Playstation official store or even other gaming stores such as GameStop or Bestbuy.

The Game Console Could Be Damaged Or Voided

No. The PlayStation 3 doesn't have the PlayStation 2's input sockets for the controllers. However, Sony were planning to release a USB adaptor for the PS3 so that you could use your old controllers. It was never released, and is never being released in the UK, but I'm not sure about other territories such as the US or Japan.

There are some people who had claimed that their PlayStation 3 Guitar works on the PlayStation 2 console but some claimed that it does not work. Not sure whether it will work though. My opinion is: ->Ask someone from a store about it if you are buying one ->Try to use the PlayStation 3 guitar on the PlayStation 2 console and see if it will work ->If it doesn't work, buy a PlayStation 2 guitar instead or ->buy a Playstation3 console if you could afford it But I am pretty sure it'll work because is from the same manufacturer i.e (PlayStation)

None of the PS3 models that are in Production can, although the first PS3 models with 4 USB ports could

The PS4 is a name for something that might never be. If Sony makes another Game console they don't have to continue to use the PlayStation name. The console that is that the PS3 slim could have been named the PlayStation 4. It is said by a Sony VP that Sony was working on the PlayStation 4 back when they were working on the PS3 slim in 2008. The question about the next generation of Game Console should be what does it do and how is it controlled by the game player and not what will it look like. Sony has increased the capabilities of the PS3 with 3D Move controllers and greater 3rd party services through software updates. They also added the Playstation Plus. The main features of new models are the larger harddrives and there will not be PS4 OR WHATEVER IT'S NAMED BEFORE FALL 2013

it depends if it is new it could go around 4oo-5oodollars refurbished it can go around 3oo-350 used about 150-200

No, You cannot hire a playstation 3 but you could always try a friends ps3 before buying one.

yes or how could two people both have PlayStation accounts on the same console. You do need different information to create the account

PS3There is really no "inventor" of the playstation 3. The playstation 3 is an upgrade to the playstation 2 and playstation 1. The person who invented the playstation 1, could probably be credited with inventing the playstation 3. However, the playstation 1 was merely an improvement to the CD-based consoles before that, so whoever came up with the first CD-based console could probably be credited with the invention of the playstation 3. RE: Actuly sonny created the ps3 and the idea was from Cody rinehart

Most PS3's do not come with games when sold new, but sometimes they are included in a bundle. If they are on a Game Disc you can trade them in or sell them even if they are new in the package. Let's say you purchased a download at the Playstation Store for a game. It is possible to also download it again on another system, but against the Playstation agreement for the purchase and if discovered you could be banned from the Playstation Network and even billed for the additional downloads. If you are selling a PS3 that includes a harddrive full of purchases from the Playstation Store you are not selling the games but the console and you do not have to delete them. You can even list them as a feature of your console's desirability

It depends what console you have and the condition of it. For a ps1, you could get anywhere from $50-100. For a ps2, you could get anywhere from $100-175. For a ps3, you could get anywhere from $250-450.

NO - you can not play PS2 games on any of the PS3 currently in production. The older 'fat" Ps3 20G, 60G, and some of the early 80G could play them.

You should look at the website of the company that made the console or call the company. Maybe you could even go to the store you bought the console, or go to a store that sells games and consoles like GameStop.

Not really. It is better to set the Playstation for auto turn off. Any electrical component is better off when not needed and leaving the PS3 on serves no useful purpose. The auto turn off could still allow time to charge controllers. Controllers should also be set to turn off with the PS3. That is why these features are found with the PS3

They wanted to make a better game console that could also become more and be used as it has been on the internet and for downloading movies and music

If by "best" you mean "most technically powerful," the answer is the PlayStation 3. If you mean "best-selling," the answer is the PlayStation 2. If you mean "currently best-selling," it's the Nintendo DS. If, however, you mean "most influential," an argument could be made for many video game consoles. One could call the Magnavox Odyssey the best for being the first home video game console, the Atari 2600 for being the most popular early console to use cartridges, or the NES for arguably bringing the home console industry back from the brink. The Game Boy was one of the first handheld game systems, and the most popular at the time. The Sega Genesis and SNES brought graphics into the 16-bit realm, and The Nintendo 64 and PlayStation could be said to be the first game consoles to enjoyably utilize 3D graphics. The DS brought the touch screen into popularity, as the Wii did with motion control. None of that is really what you meant, though, right? You probably mean "the most enjoyable console to play," and there is no right answer to that question (though it could be said that there are some wrong ones). It depends on what genre of games you like, whether you like single- or multi-player games, whether graphics matter to you, how you like to play games, and what memories you have of a particular console, among other things. Just weigh all the options and decide for yourself.

There are a number of places an individual may wish to purchase a PlayStation 3. The cheapest way may be to purchase a pre-owned console, usually available from GameSpot and other similar retailers. Alternatively an individual may wish to see what prices are available online via Amazon or Ebay.

it is simple impossible Games are not converted they are designed to be exclusively used for the system they are designed for. A console or PC would have too be changed to play a game with an emulator program, not that you could run one on a Xbox to play games for a Playstation, but a PC could run different emulator programs that would let it play Playstation and Xbox games.

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