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Q: How much money did John Hancock contribute to the American Revolutionary War?
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What did John Hancock do in the Revolutionary War?

John Hancock, who was the president of the Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence. During the war, Handcock was still in Congress and he helped to raise money for the war and ships for a navy.

What factors contribute to American farming success?

money money money money money money money money

How did the government raise money during the American revolution?

The government raised money during the American revolutionary by selling bonds to the citizens.

How did overseas Chinese contribute to the 1911 Chinese Revolution?

They participated in hunger strikes. ^ false. They raised money for the revolutionary movement.

How much money did the movie 'Hancock' make?

$20 trillion

How much money did Hancock gross worldwide?

Hancock grossed $624,346,274 worldwide.

What did John Hancock give?

John Hancock gave his signature to the Declaration Of Independence. That's where we get the phrase "sign your John Hancock" came from. John Hancock also gave money! And lots of it. He backed some of the major events in the American Revolution. He was very wealthy. He got most of his money from illegal ways. Smuggling was a big one. He found ways to get around the laws that Britain had set forth.

What is the definition of commissary notes?

A type of paper money used during the American Revolutionary War.

How much money did Hancock gross domestically?

Hancock grossed $227,946,274 in the domestic market.

What form of payment did American soldiers receive after the revolutionary war?

They really did not get money but what they got was honor and bravery

The American government raised over 200 million and much of the cost of the Revolutionary War by?

printing paper money.

Who is the Jewish woman who raised money for the American revolutionary war?

HAYM SOLOMON - but he was a man. plenty of biographical info on him.

How much money did John Hancock have?

he had 4 dollars...

Will smith made most money for which film?


How and where do I contribute money?

You put your money in the BANK, and you can take your money out of the BANK as well. You need to have a CREDIT CARD to do this. You can also contribute money buy phoning up charity orginisations and asking if you can contribute any money. Simples.

What is contribute?

Contribute means to give (money, food, etc.)

How were soldiers paid during American Revolutionary War?

Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War were promised signing bonuses of money or land. Privates were promised $6 a month and captains $20 a month. Soldiers were expected to buy their own uniforms, guns, horses, and ammunition.

Why did sam Adams need Hancock?

Since he was poor, he need and got the financial support of the wealthy shipowner John Hancock

What was used for money during the Revolutionary War?

Paper money paper money

What war did hessians fight in?

The Hessians were German mercenaries ( soldiers who fight for money) employed by the British against the Americans in the American revolutionary war.

What did the british want from the Revolutionary War?

Land/Money/power They Were unhappy that American Were making there own rules,they wanted the coloines to to what they were created for in the first place to gain Great Britan Money.

Did the British use counterfeited money during the revolutionary war?

Yes. The British issued counterfeit Continental money during the Revolutionary War.

What was paper money called during the Revolutionary War?

confidential money

Describe three different ways in which women helped support the American Revolutionary War?

They collected food, raised money, and made clothing for the soldiers.

Benedict Arnold who is he?

Benedict Arnold was a successful American revolutionary war leader who betrayed his country by becoming a spy for the British just for more money.