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How much money do animal police make in a week?


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alot. Not much. Animal control officers are civil employees just like Police officers.

how much does a police officer make in san antonio

they don't make money the make bacon

the police force stops crimes and makes lots of money

In Illinois, animal caretakers make about $8.25 per hour.

A doctor typically makes much more money than a police officer.

How much money does a police chief earn in Dallas Texas

The average for an animal physical therapist to make is $36,000 unfortunately.

Large animal veterinarians make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year.

An average translator makes about 44,000 dollars a year, but a police translator may make a different salary.

Not that much usually around $400 a week. Depends on police Dept.

The amount of money a police officer makes per week will depend on the city, state, and experience. On average, a police officer makes an estimated $1,100 a week in larger cities.

The average amount that the police offices make is close to $40,000 per year. The amount will vary depending upon their experience.

$85 but they don't make any money from it because of the money goes to the workers and animals

Well, as itt happens. I happen to be an Animal Biologist myself, not allowed to tell you how much I earn, its private *tapping nose* ;)

A Houston police officer will make around 45,000 dollars a year. There is often the potential to work overtime in this job.

Europe has many different countries and the rates of pay for the police officers in those countries would vary by a lot.

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