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How much money do civil engineers make an hour?

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i'm starting out at 45,000 in richmond, va. Don't know about experienced ones though. original answer ID2420868128 --------- Depends on what area of civil engineering you go into as well as what level, whether senior management etc. In Australia a graduate Civil Engineer would be looking to start at around $55,000, after a few years of experience the average wage is over $110,000, with most senior positions around $180,000. This is relative to Australia, 2008.

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How much money do aerospace engineers make an hour?

A year they make a total amout of 214,000 dallors

How much money does electrical engineers make?

Electrical engineers make 64,000 dollars a year. They make about 30 to 32 dollars an hour. They are required to know state laws and regulation for the installation of wire for power.

What type of engineer make art?

Civil Engineers

How much do mechanical engineers make an hour?

Mechanical Engineers make.................lalalalalalalalalala $32.03 now go away.

How much money does a civil engineer?

Civil Engineers earn about 50K right out of college, but that could vary by state. You can make more by working for yourself, or getting advanced degrees. It is a great job if you like to sit at a desk and crunch numbers and work 50-70 hour weeks.

How much money do engineers make?


How much do packaging engineers make?

About 20 dollars an hour.

How much money do civil engineers in Cincinnati Ohio make?

Not nearly enough considering the liability they incur. They also put in extremely long hours. Civil Engineers are busy depending on the economy, field of CE you are specialized in, as well as if you have a PE and licenses in various states. The Engineering field that makes good money is mechanical IMHO and experience. My brothers are mechanical engineers and have half the year's work experience and yet make more money (double) than a civil engineer who is highly known and respected in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

How much do electrical engineers make an hour?

20 to 90 dollars

How much money do aerospace engineers make?

The amount of money that aerospace engineers make may vary depending on their experience and the company they work for. On average, they will earn about $85,000 per year.

Why do Civil engineers use cad?

to make the work easier than drawing in a sheet

Do nurses make more money than electrical engineers?

No. EE's make more.

How much money do electrical engineers make a year?

about 164.000 a year

How much money does a roller coaster designer make?

Roller coasters are designed by engineers. Roller coaster engineers make anywhere between $45,000 and $119,000 per year. Most roller coaster engineers are mechanical engineers and the median salary for mechanical engineers is $74,920.

Who is making cement civil engineers or chemical engineers?

If your asking who does the mix design for cement or concrete that would normally be done by civil/construction engineers. The chemical engineers may play a roll if they are creating a new additive to make the cement or concrete dry faster while retaining or improving its design strength.

What careers pay 30 per hour?

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, managers, all today, in the US, make $30/hour.

How much does a civil engineer make an hour?


How much money do civil air patrol pilots make?

Civil Air Patrol pilots do not make money. They are civilian volunteers.

How mouch money does a neurologist make an hour?

about $1 an hour

How much money do technical engineers make a year?

1,000,000 per year

How much money do pyrotechnic engineers make?

Around 79 thousand a year.

Who gets paid more pilots or engineers?

pilots make more money

Why Do Some Engineers Make More Than Others?

Some engineering disciplines are more complex than others. For example, an electrical engineer will typically make more money than a civil engineer because electrical engineering degree programs are more difficult than civil.

How much money do dentist make per hour?

they make $ 1000000 per hour

How much money do you make per hour if you make 100000 a year?

$48.08 an hour.