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Q: How much money does Nordstrom spend on promotional events?
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How much money does an average business spend on promotional items?

That depends on their budget but their are promotional items nowadays that you can get under $1.

How much money do people spend each year attending and watching sporting events?

The average person in the United States will spend about 500 dollars a year attending and watching sporting events. Some spend more than this.

Who are freegans?

Freegans are people who try to save the environment and not spend money. (They are illegal in some states.) They eat food from dumpsters! People make promotional videos about Freegans.

How much money do Americans spend each year on tickets to sporting events?

2000 Pounds x

how much money do i spend?

How much money DO you spend?

What is an acceptable amount to spend on a bar mitzvah present?

There is no standard, but money given at Jewish events is usually in multiples of 18.

Where to spend money?

you can spend your money for anything important...

How does congress spend money?

they spend money to use as expense

When was Spend My Money created?

Spend My Money was created in 2008-10.

Where can ladies' belts be bought from?

Ladies belts are sold in almost all ladies' clothing stores. If you are on a budget, you can look in Sear's or Kohl's. If you are looking for a designer brand, or if you have a little bit more money to spend, you could look in Nordstrom.

What do farmers spend their money on?

Most farmers spend their money on achol or cattle, most of the time they spend it on hookers

Can you spend jamaican money in the US?

No, you can only spend jamaican money in Jamaica

What do people spend their money on most?

stuff they do not need Which of these questions will lead most people to spend their money? :: Do I want to save my money or do I want to spend it on something I want now?

Is there any limit to how much the government can spend?

yes they only have as much money as they get to spend, they can't spend extra money.

What was true about both credit and layaway plans?

They made it easier for consumers to spend money - Apex

My expenditure budget is 26140 for the year i spend 1930 on promotional items for the year what is the percent of expenditures for promotions?


What is money the government can decide how to spend?

Discretionary funds is the money the government can decide how to spend.

What do Australians spend their money on the most?

Australians spend their money on sh*t all

How much money do you spend on things?

As much as i can afford to spend

How do charity's spend the money?

Charities can spend their money on almost anything they like. If they are nice people, they will spend their money on blankets, medicine, food and water for the poor. If they are mean and selfish, they would spend their money on themselves, and not give even a BIT to the needy. Hope this helps. -Sandy

Do you think the government should spend money promoting community cohesion?

No not really because we are spending money on objects and events that don't really matter, even though we enjoy them, its a waste of money and the kids who are starving in Africa and other countries could use that money!

Can you spend money that is written on?

yes , money is money

How does pro sports players spend there money?

How does anyone spend there money? Food, shelter, cars!

Why do wealthy people tend to spend a lot of money?

B/c they have a lot of money to spend.

What does RSPCA spend there money on?

Kutaaa they spend it on tutti