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$2.147 billion a year, which means around $5,882,191.78 every day!

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Q: How much money does Universal Studios make a year?
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How much money does Universal Studios make each year?

About $2.147 billion in revenue per year.

How much money is Universal Studios worth?

Universal Studios is a popular American film studio that was founded in 1912. The last reported revenue for Universal Studios was 4.239 billion dollars in 2012.

If your going to Universal Studios for an entire day how much money should you bring?


How much is Universal Studios tickets?


How much does it cost to go from the Orlando to universal airport to Universal Studios by taxi?


How much does it cost to buy Universal Studios?


How much is the food in Universal Studios?

100 dollar

How much are Universal Studios tickets?

7day unlimited pass

How much is a day at Universal Studios Orlando?

about 75$ a day

How much does it cost to get into Universal Studios?

$60 for adults and $50 for kids

How much is admission for Universal Studios Hollywood?

Around $60-$70

Which is better for 9 yr old A Disney water park or Universal Studios?

I'd go with the water park. Universal Studios might be too much for a nine-year old.

How much do they charge for todlers in Universal Studios Hollywood?

They are free if they are under 46'

How much do Universal Studios tickets cost in Hollywood?

60-70 dollars

How much has Universal Studios made since opening Harry Potter world?

One billion

How much does a wand cost at universal?

A Harry Potter wand at Universal Studios costs thirty dollars.

How much is cab fare from Orlando airport to Universal Studios resort?

It should be around $55 + tip

How much does it cost to go to Universal Studios Orlando for 1 day?

it cost about like 85$ dollars

How much do tickets cost for the Universal Studios attraction in Hollywood?

There are a few different ticket costs for the Universal Studios attraction in Hollywood. You can purchase a VIP Experience ticket for $299.00, Buy a Day, Get a Free Year ticket for $84.00, and a Front of the Line Pass for $169.00.

Is Universal Studios bigger than Disneyland?

Disney is much bigger than universal. Disney is over 30000 acres. (According to online web pages.)

How much does admission to Universal Studios California cost?

Admission to Universal Studios, California costs $80 for general admission for a one-day pass. A two-day pass costs $89, the VIP experience costs $299, and the Front of Line pass costs $149.

How much do tickets to Harry Potter Theme Park Universal Studios?

12 galleons, 51 knuts and 11 sickles

How much is a One Day Ticket to Universal Orlando?

If bought online, an adult ticket for the day is $128 and a child's ticket is $122. The prices may vary based on the time you visit or they may be different if bought at Universal Studios.

What are some attractions of Florida?

Some fun attractions in Florida are Disney World, Disney's Universal Studios, Sea World, Miami Beach, and much more!

How can you figure out how much money is 14.00 in American money to British Sterling Pound?

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