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Depending on the size of wedding they plan, an Australian wedding planner can make between 60,000 and 100,000 dollars a year. A wedding planner that runs their own business can make triple this amount, particularly if they have a staff.


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A famous wedding panner can earn loads of money. its all about how smartly he or she manages the wedding and makes efficient can range from 10,00,000 and above a year.

as much as her clients can afford

Start looking online and in your local phone directory for wedding planner courses and businesses. Find out what you need to do to acquire a license for wedding planning.

The median annual salary in the United States for a wedding planner is $46,260. Celebrity wedding planners can earn $100,000 to $120,000 per year after several years in the business.

In general, a wedding planner charges between $2,000 and $3,000 per wedding. However, because most wedding planners are self-employed, all the business costs associated with running your own business must come out of the fee. There are very few wedding planners who have employees. If you want to find out more about the day to day work, you can contact a wedding planner in your area and ask about doing volunteer work as a trainee.

The Wedding Planner movie earned about sixty million four hundred thousand dollars in the box office with a movie budget of thirty-five million dollars.

Dentist for sure...In Civil engg, to earn be a constructor manager or planner, else be a dentist ...they have heaps of money.

they earn up to two thousand dollar a week just for teaching

depends on what they bake. like wedding cakes or pastries.

Top wedding planners can earn $120,000 per year . although average is $ 44,260 in USA

truth be told, socer players are payed a salary

The median expected salary for a typical Meeting/Event Planner in the United States is $51,438.

== == A degree is the result of attending a University for either 3 or 4 years of full time study, in a undergraduate program. A wedding planner does NOT require a University degree. They might benefit from taking a course, at a community college, in hospitality, or event planning, for a year. The most practical training would be to WORK for a experienced wedding planner as an assistant for a couple of years, to gain practical "hands on " learning. Hi. Have you considered getting abusiness qualification as this may help you run your own company more sucessfully. Emylie :)

Wedding planning is not a degree or a certificate you can earn; the best way is to work for a wedding planner and eventually apprentice under one to build experience and develop skills. Eventually you can set out on your own, if that is your goal. Wedding planning is something that people do freelance but also as a part of hotel services, resort services, etc. At minimum, however, you should have a bachelor's degree and some general work experience first--and have good skills in style, fashion, and oral and written communication.

Statistically about 10% of your budget.

Total taxation revenue for the government of Australia was $445,965min 2014-15.

Typically an event planner is not limited to a "type" such as children. A true event planner will plan all types of events and may include children's affairs. A birthday party is quite different from a Sweet 16. So it depends, rates are based on the amount of people, the location, the theme and your time.

With the right buisnesses model it is very possible to start a wedding consultant business and earn a normal salary.

Knights earn money by battle in tornament.

You can't ,you have to earn real money to get power soccer money.

It varies from job to job..

work for it. There is no free way to earn money.

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