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How much money does a crime scene investigator make?

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I want to know approxamately how much a crime scene investigator makes in a week or how much they get paid an hour.

A investigator makes 1,000,000 dollars a year $62,000 a yearr! (:

Credentials, experience and location will determine the pay offered for such a position.

A small town couldn't afford a CSI and its own crime lab. You'd be working for a county, or the state.

A'crime scene technician' and a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) are just different terminology used for the same job. they are specialists whose duties it is to gather the evidence at the scene of the offense and preserve it in such a way as to make it usable as evidence. The 'technician' may, or may not, be a sworn officer.

The terms are when a investigator go to the crime scene make sure to check for clues

The average salary for a crime scene investigator varies all across the nation. A few factors determine pay. Cost of living in your particular city, state, or region, the size of the police force you are working for, the crime rate in the area, and your skills, education, and experience. If you are a rookie, you can expect to make around 30,000 or more, but experienced CSI in metropolitan areas could easily make 80 or 90,000 annually.

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, detectives and criminal investigators make a mean annual salary of $58,750 with $4895 monthly.

It is difficult to determine the average pay for a crime scene investigator since the field is so varied in geography, skills, and the experience level of the investigator. Many agencies use crime scene investigators (local police, county sheriff, state police, federal agencies, etc.) and all have differing pay scales and qualifications. Investigators in large cities usually make more than investigators in small towns. Many crime scene investigators have specialized skills (fingerprints, blood spatter analysis, biological forensics. etc.) which affects their level of pay. For a more detailed analysis of factors effecting pay and some general salaries, visit:

You must complete 720 hours of crime scene processing training to be qualified as a crime scene investigator. Of these 720 hours, 40 hours must be in major death investigation, 40 hours in advanced death investigation, 40 hours in "blood splatter investigation and interpretation" and 80 hours must be in latent fingerprint processes. Also, you'll need to be certificed by the International Association for Identification, Crime Scene Certification Board. This crime scene investigator certification must happen within 18 months of completion of your training. Becoming a crime scene investigator requires you to demonstrate a full knowledge of police investigation techniques, including the search and seizure process as well as the policeman's role in criminal investigations and criminal prosecutions. You'll need to demonstrate all the skills in forensic science, anatomy and chemistry. Crime scene investigators need to know the proper use of chemical used for evidence gathering, as well as the techniques used to make crime scene sketches. Also, you'll want to know the proper light techniques for photographic evidence, including proper lens and camera selection and the effect of distortion. Crime scene investigators acquire the power of arrest and have the authority to carry weapons, so they must be able to qualify in firearms training, physical fitness exams and defense tactics to become a crime scene investigator. Also, you'll need to be able to operate police vehicles and equipment, as well as the ability to receive, understand and comply with instructions

You don't need any college, a two-year degree in the basics would make you more competitive, larger police departments will train you, crime scene techs collect evidence only, they do not pursue the offender, that is the job of a detective.

because they are Crime Scene Investigators why wouldn't they, it is their job to show who is a suspect and who is a victim/innocent.

What you can do is make a nice chicken ceasar salad, and then you can figure out the case.

Scene of the Crime - 1991 To Make Amends - 1.5 was released on: USA: 1 May 1991

you make money in crime city by attacking sores,bars,laundrymats ect..

they usually make a salary of 12.5 million dollars a year

Crime scene technicians can expect to make between $38,000-$42,000 initially. This amount can go up with experience, but this is the typical starting rate. Some Crime Scene Technicians are paid hourly; if this is the case, you can expect to start at $15 per hour.

how much money does a foresic scince lab technician make in Memphis TN?

The DNA of each individual is unique. No two individuals share the same genetic make up unless they are identical twins. Analyzing DNA samples found at a crime scene can help place a suspect at the crime scene. If it can be legally proven that a suspect was present at a crime scene, there is practically no refutation to this finding. DNA test data is very valuable in court. But if you were never at the scene of the crime how can they prove you were anyone could have put it there?

Yes. You may have to make a statement of how it happened so the police can solve the crime or arrest you if you caused it.

There was no physical evidence at the scene; likewise, no one witnessed the crime.

I guiltlessly walked away from the crime scene.

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