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How much money does a dental assistant earn in Denver CO?


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how much money does a dental assistant earn denver Co


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A dental assistant in Texas can earn 31,000 dollars a year. The longer they work for a dentist, they can usually make more money.

The median expected salary for a typical Dental Assistant in the United States is $35,184.

I am a Dental Assistant in a northern suburb of Atlanta and earn 23 dollars an hour but do not have health insurance, receiving periodic bonuses of 200 dollars.

all dentists assistants earn the same

How much money does a dental hygiene earn in the state of Michigan?

Go to ROSS, they have a dental assisting program And will hep you get your CDA

The average salary for a dental assistant in Tucson, Arizona is about $28,677 per year. The highest salary for a dental assistant in Tucson is $34,883 per year.

A dental assistant salary in Toronto, Canada varies between $13.00 and $18.00 per hour. A certified dental assistant earns about $23.00 per hour

$8---$12 per hour...not enough for all the bs involved for sure.

Dental assistants in Alabama earn about $30,000 per year. Those that work in larger cities in Alabama can expect to earn more.

The average salary of a dental assistant in Las Vegas, Nevada is $33,577 dollars per year. The highest paid dental assistant in Las Vegas can earn about $40,843 per year.

Sometimes you can find a Dentist who is willing to train on the job. You may earn a license to take x-rays, become a registered dental assistant, certified dental assistant, or assistant with expanded functions through dental trade schools, and local colleges.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for a dental assistant as of May 2008 is, $33,170 This would amount to $15.95 an hour.

The average salary of a dental assistant in London is about 51,000 dollars per year. This salary does not fluctuate much even after you have been doing the job for several years.

Dental assistant jobs vary in pay based on the dentist and skill level. Licensed dental assistants who have college degrees or professional certifications will earn more, which average anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000.

In El Paso, Texas, a dental assistant can expect to earn an average salary of $47,000 per year. The average salary for this career in the United States is $58,000.

I have been a dental assistant for many years. I earn $18 an hour but no benefits other than vacation. This is good job if you find a good DDS to work for but they are often hard to find. Many are concerned only with finding an assistant that works for the smallest amount possible. Not really a good career for the long haul.

A physician assistant in the United States can expect to earn from $78,709 to $111,359 per year. The median annual income for a physician assistant is $93,741.

As in all careers, pay for dental assistants varies based on experience and qualifications. As a general benchmark, these are the most recent salary figures for dental assistants: 50% of dental assistants earn roughly $33,470 per year. The top 10% of dental assistants earn over $47,000 per year Dental assistant hourly rates generally start at $10.90 straight out of school and can exceed $20 with experience

I am a dental assistant of 14 years and I am working in Melbourne Florida in a corporate dental setting. I have been with the company for 2 years now. I am making 18.50 and hour, plus bonuses. I get paid vacations if I have the hours accquired. I get 6 vacation hours per month.

Dental assistants are paid well for their service in North Carolina. On average, they earn around $56,000 per year based on experience.

The median expected salary for a typical Nursing Assistant in the United States is $24,363.

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