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The answer depends on several factors, including which residency program the person is in (especially which part of the country), which year in residency he or she is in, and in some cases, which type of residency he or she is a part of. Generally, salaries are anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 a year with another $10,000 or so in benefits (insurance, education expenses, etc.). There are certainly some programs that offer more compensation because of particular circumstances, especially ones that are in rural areas. Salaries typically increase by a few thousand dollars for each year the physician is in residency. This answer assumes you meant resident physicians in the USA.

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============== Further explanation to above: Medicare actually subsidizes post-graduate medical education at a rate of about 80k or 90k per resident per year. (I think when I was a resident the amount was 80,500). This is supposed to help programs stay open even though the program's residents cannot bill insurance or Medicare/Medicaid for their services. The rationale is that it kept good doctors employed as supervisory teachers by allowing them to bill for the resident's work. Most departments, however, claim to lose money on residency programs, especially on the west coast and in the northeast, despite paying the residents about half of what CMS gives them and spending an additional 20 percent on benefits.

BUT residents with licenses and permission from their departments can "moonlight" for anywhere from $50 to $150 per hour at walk-in clinics, small ERs, rehab programs, etc., and they will often make more doing that part-time than they will in their full-time residency positino.


WHen I was in residency I made 370K my last year because I moonlighted extremely hard.

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Q: How much money does a doctor earn during their residency?
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This can vary based on the place one does residency, but generally a resident makes in the low $40,000 range. Additionally, you usually get a raise of $1,000 or so each year of residency. Anesthesiology takes four years to complete, so by the end of your residency you should be making in the mid 40,000 range. Also, a resident may have the opportunity to earn additional money on top of this by moonlighting. This is where on the resident's off days he or she picks up extra shifts and gets paid "overtime" so to speak. You can earn quite a bit of money moonlighting but most people just don't have the time during a busy residency to moonlight all that much. I read an anesthesiologist is the number one HIGHEST paid profession and there is no way that 40,000.00 is what they make . I make that working at wireless company. An anesthesiologist make up to 400,000.00 . Yes. Here's the real answer: The first person was correct. Anesthesiologists get paid around $40,000. in RESIDENCY, That is when they are "still in school," so to speak. They go 4 years of university, 4 years of medical school, and they have to attend around 4 years (depends where you live) of residency after that. During those four years of residency (which is still training for them), they get PAID. But when the finish that, and get a "real" job, in say, a hospital, it is then they start to make from $200,000 and upwards.

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