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How much money does a lawyer earn starting out?


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It depends on where you live and work. A prosecuting attorney can make as liitle as $22,000 starting out, but a recruit to a big defense firm can start out at five times that much.


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depends on what kind of job

An average lawyer earns £100,000 a year including tax.

It does depend on what kind of lawyer you are, but also how good of a lawyer you are. They usually make around $102,470 a year.

60,000 yearly starting out

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Starting salary in NEPA is $30k.

they earn around £30,000 a case which is amazing because they can help people like their family if the family are struggling with money!!

They would earn just above minimum wage, starting out.

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An immigrant lawyer can make 100,000 dollars or more a year. The salary depends on who they are working for and how much their clients can afford to pay, as well as the number of clients.

Unfortunately there is no limit to how much money a lawyer can earn. This tends to attract some people to the legal profession who are most concerned with becoming rich.

more than u ill ever earn in your whole life so beat it dirt(;

An environmental lawyer makes $71,000 - $118,000 a year, with the average salary being $94,000 a year. This varies, depending on your educational training.

To get to the other side!

They make around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars a year in Egypt. This is a popular higher paid job and is on the same level as doctors earn.

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