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Midwives salries UK

In the UK, the starting salary for a newly qualified Midwife working outside of London is just under ?20,000 (Band 5). This does not include any shift allowances or overtime, which can increase the take home pay considerably. After one or 2 years, midwives progress to Band 6, and most will be earning ?22,000 - ?27,000 plus shift allowances on top. More senior midwives (band 7) will earn ?30,000 plus. London midwives commence on band 6 pay, and are in effect always one band ahead of other midwives. However, most people think that the little extra money they earn is not comparable to the extra cost of living in London.

the bands will have changed from April 09 due to the agenda for change, go to nhs website for more details on the salary bands for nursing and medical professions.

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Q: How much money does a midwife earn in the UK?
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