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How much money does a person working on a paper route at the age of 12 earn?


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40 dollars a week which is about 20 pounds


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I think maybe a paper route, Its a good bit of money and when you walk house to house your kinda working out! ;)

* If you're a young person with a paper route, you're assumed to be responsible and learning about work and money. * If you're over 18 with a paper route, it is considered to be less desirable as people over the age of 18 usually can find jobs with more compensation. == == * Dogs can and will chase you.

Ask your parents if you can get a paper route.

ussally at 1 am in the morning, my mom has a paper route and u have to be a morning person, u must be insured and have ur drvers liscense

Newspaper in question in person or through their website.

A person can get a paper route in Michigan by calling the local paper. Local routes are diminishing due to online publications.

who wrote Henry and the paper route

around £10 depends how long u do it for

A group of people that deliver paper on a certain route.

The Paper Route was created on 2000-09-05.

baby sitting.......... Paper route........... snow shovelling lawns IDK

Paper route, babysitting, running errands, cutting grass, doing chores.

I hope it is 8 year old can do a paper route job

I think the paper route age limit is 10 and above.

What number should I call for the paper route job

Paper Route - band - was created in 2004.

Go to the local place where newspapers are made and ask for a paper route.

you can get a paper route by looking in you're local paper for ads about it (they always have one) and usually ring or email them.

Nowadays, it's not really common for kids to have a paper route.

Noactually you can im 10 and im getting one my friends have a paper route job so yes you can be 10i am 10 and i am going to devon at the end of september and i really want to earn some extra money but i dont know if i could do a paper route could u tell me if i could do one and how much would i maybe earn

your 10 year old could probably go with you on a paper route

Make a bake sale or a paper route don't babysit something might happen he could choke

Typically by performing chores for your parents, mowing the lawns of neighbors, or operating a paper route.

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