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How much money does a real estate make?


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The median annual earnings of real estate agents were $30930 in 2002.


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How much do real estate agents make a year?

In some cases, real estate agents are employed by, and paid a salary by, their broker.

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Now days several people want to become real estate agents because of the independence and expected income they can make. Real estate agents can make a lot of money, but the average income for a real estate agent is only $39,000 a year. There are many reasons the average income of real estate agents is low, one of the biggest reasons actuality many agents only work part-time. The average income for a full-time real estate agent is over $54,000 a year.

The starting annual income for a real estate sales agent in Australia is around $49,000. Senior sales agents can make as much as $85,000. The average annual salary is $65,000.

Real Estate is considered equity, not liquid.

The answer to that question can only be answered by your drive and perseverance. Yes, the real estate market has taken a hit lately. But if you have the drive to go out to find and make those sales, you can make ALOT of money in real estate.

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Real estate investors are paid per deal, and depend upon the cost of the transaction. The average salary for commercial real estate is $50,000 above.

Yes, the executor can rent out real estate. It is their responsibility to maintain the assets of the estate and make sure it doesn't lose money.

There is no "textbook" answer for this question. Most real estate agents get paid from commission ... they sell a house or property, they make money ... they don't sell stuff, they don't make any money, or very little.

There is a government grant site that people can use to look up how and where to apply for grant money for real estate. Your local HUD chapter also has information on real estate grant money.

How much is a real Estate data base worth?

By investing or by owning businesses or income-producing real estate.

The average annual income for a real estate agent in San Diego is $77,000. The average annual income for a real estate agent in Des Moines is $71,000.

It depends on how much money you want to invest and how much risk you can tolerate. There are many different ways to make money investing, from real-estate, precious metals, commodities, stocks and bonds. It just depends on how much money you have and want to invest.

Creative real estate financing is a way of solving the money shortages of others by using other people's money in a real estate transaction. For more details, visit this explanation:

Normally there isn't a salary. Real estate is normally commission only, so if you don't sell and close deals; you make no money.

Real estate fraud refers to any illegal activity with the purpose of misrepresenting information on real estate-related documents involving the transfer of money.

Nothing. They work on commission.

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