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How much money does a tattoo artist make?

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no clue but i think they get a lot of money

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How much does a tattoo artist make a year?

money for tattoo'sTattoo artist can make around 20,000 a year but your location can affect alot of your business

How much money do tattoo artist make a month?

How much a Tattoo Artist makes depends on many variables. Usually a tattoo shop charges $100 per hour, the artist could make up to 50% of the earnings. So its like around 2,800 dollars a month.

In a week how much does a tattoo artist make?

That would depend greatly on how much a given tattoo artist charges, my artist charges approximately $100.00 per hour (fairly average) and works about 60 hours a week. If you are good you can make a lot of money.

How much do tattoo artist make?

this all depends of the skill and job experience the artist has.

How much money does artist make?

how much does a artist make a year

Tattoo that will cost 3000 how much do I tip the artist at each sitting?

An example, If you pay 1000$ for your tattoo, then the tattoo artist will only get 300$. Next, the tattoo artists will have to buy the tattoo equipment on their own. Needles, inks, machines cost money. And they have to fill the taxes as well. Paying around 20% to 30% is a generous and fair tip for the tattoo. Always think about how much time the tattoo artist spent on making the best masterpiece on your skin. Make sure it is reflected in the gratuity.

How much for a tattoo artist?

Depends on the artist

What is the tattoo artist average annual salary?

A tattoo artist makes 40,000 dollars a year. However, a parlor owner can make up to 100,000 dollars a year. It all depends on where your tattoo parlor is located and how much buisness you get.

How much math does a person need to know to be a tattoo artist?

An tattoo artist must know how to create an mathematically correct pentagram so he can design a perfect nautical star, at least.. If a tattoo artist does not know how to construct objects in a correct way he is not much of an artist..

Do you have to be an artist to become a tattoo artist?

All "tattoo artists" are artists. "Tattooers" are not artists, they just trace things and pretty much do bad work. Just because you have art supplies doesn't make you an artist.All tattoo artists are artists. Tattooers are not artists, they just trace things and pretty much do bad work. Just because you have art supplies doesn't make you an artist.

How much does a recording artist make?

A famous and very good artist can make good money. If that is not the case you are lost.

How much money does a music artist make on a platinum record?

a recording artist make over $75,000 a year.

How much do artist make when they record a single?

Nothing, it is the sales of the single that make the money not the act of recording. If the single is rubbish then nobody will purchase it and the artist will make no money.

How much money does a country artist make?

250,000 a year

How much money would an artist make a week?


How much money do recording artist make?

It depands on how much of the video is sold

How much is it to get a tattoo on your hand?

It depends on how big and colorful the tattoo you want is. If it's one that the tattoo artist reccomends then it will cost about $20.00. If its a small one that you have chosen its about $20.00 aswell. My father is a tattoo artist and that's how much he usually has people pay to get one on their hand.

How much money would a tribal tattoo going from your shoulder to your mid arm cost It's not that big it is just a bunch of spiral lines?

It would vary from artist to artist, but a tattoo from your shoulder to your mid-arm (do you mean to the elbow or the middle of the upper arm?) is a very large tattoo no matter what it's of.

How much risk is there to get a tattoo by an unlicensed tattoo artist?

A great deal of risk!, you should only ever get a tattoo from a trained professional.

How much money does a cartoon strip artist make a year?

$1,000,000 a strip if you are a good artist. Durh!

How much money does a artist make in a year?

120,0000 (12 lacks)

How much money does a make up artist make a year?

The average makeup artist makes about $24,000 to $50,700 per year.

How much money does an anime artist get?

They can make anywhere from hundreds to thousands, from thousands to millions, depending on how good is the artist.

How much does a tattoo artist get paid?

Haha. i deleted you answer, But anyways its like a hundred dollars a tattoo depending on how big it is.

How much money does a tattoo artist provide?

Usually one too two penny's. But depending on where the moon is in accordance too the sun sometimes dimes