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40,000 to $60,000
Can make one hundred thousand dollars in a month. But u have to be really really good.

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Q: How much money does a video game designer make?
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What are the benefits being a video game designer?

The benefits of being a video game designer is that you get to do a job that you enjoy. A video game designer also has the potential to make a lot of money or become famous.

How much money does a video game designer earn?

A video game designer can make around $60,000-$100,000 depending on the profession of the creator.

How much money does a video game designer make in a year if he or she is really successful?

1.5 mill or billonair

What is the difference between video game designer and video game development?

The developer comes up with most of the ideas for the game and the designer is the one you make those ideas real and put them in the game.

How much money does an game designer make an year?

depends on the game that u make

How do you advance as a video game designer?

Make a decent video game. *looks pointedly at any Disney game ever made* >.> not them.

How much do you make from video games?

it depends on what video game job you have. if you are a video game designer you will get a lot about up to 3-4,ooo

How much money does a board game designer make?

you ask me!

What kinds of game designer jobs pay good money?

Research has shown that video game designers can make very good money. There is such a large market for video games and these designers can make on average about $52,000 per year with many making even more.

What age do I have to be to be a video game designer?

What age do you have to be to be a banker? A worker? It takes training to learn how to make a video game, and that can take years.

What does a video game designer need to make a video game?

If You Want to Make A Video Game Without Coding game Maker Is A Good Program. The Lite version is free! Check it Out

How much money does a game designer make a year?

averaged to $124,688.22

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