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In most cases, event planners are paid "by the job", so there is no set or average salary. What you could make varies as some people do it as a sideline to make extra spending money and some make a nice living from it.

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2008-09-06 18:27:14
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Q: How much money does an event planner earn?
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How much does an event planner make?

I think a event planner makes money depending on the client requirement. but If I say a event planner in Israel named as is making money by providing event management software to all those who need accuracy in the number of people coming to a event.

How much money does a childrens event planner earn?

Typically an event planner is not limited to a "type" such as children. A true event planner will plan all types of events and may include children's affairs. A birthday party is quite different from a Sweet 16. So it depends, rates are based on the amount of people, the location, the theme and your time.

How much money does an event coordinator earn?

hoow would i know idiot?

How much income does a wedding planner earn?

as much as her clients can afford

How much money does an event planner working for a catering company in the San Francisco bay area make?

arvind kumar

How much money do wedding planners make on average?

A wedding planner averages a gross income of $2000 to $3500 per event.

How much does an event planner earn in the UK?

It depends on if you are working for yourself or for a company. If working for youself you can charge from £50 an hour up to £200 an hour. Further info

How much does a town planner earn in south Africa?

R91500,570 pm

How much money does a Australian wedding planner earn?

Depending on the size of wedding they plan, an Australian wedding planner can make between 60,000 and 100,000 dollars a year. A wedding planner that runs their own business can make triple this amount, particularly if they have a staff.

How much money did Jimi Hendrix earn for his first paying event?

He made $0.35 for playing at the NGA

How much does afamous wedding planner earn in India?

A famous wedding panner can earn loads of money. its all about how smartly he or she manages the wedding and makes efficient can range from 10,00,000 and above a year.

How much money did The Wedding Planner gross worldwide?

The Wedding Planner grossed $94,728,529 worldwide.

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