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Q: How much money does an immigrant need to get into the US?
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Can an immigrant get another sponsor while in US?

An immigrant can get another sponsor if the sponsor if the immigrant is on H1B. But the new sponsor need to file a new H1B for the immigrant.

What does a illegal immigrant need to marry if they already live in the us?

A dog

How much money must you have to be popular?

you will not need money you will need 10 tips to become popular and you will think of it and then give us your answer.

What can an illegal immigrant do if he lives in the US and is being physically abused by his wife who is a US citizen what are his leagal rights as a human being?

Answer: If you are being abuse and is an illegal immigrant, what you need to do is leave her, because she can report you to INS and you will get deported. Because you are illegal, there is really nothing much you can do with the legal system.

If a U.S. citizen marries an immigrant do they have to go through an interview with INS to prove that they are really in love and not lying?

Yes, they do. Why would an immigrant need to talk to INS about a marriage? Immigrant means they are already residing in the US legally as a immigrant.

Do you need a transit visa passing through US if you have valid non immigrant visa?


What do you need to if a US citizen just got married to an illegal immigrant and would like to travel inside the US for a honeymoon?

You need to talk to a lawyer about this.

Can a us citizen marry an illegal immigrant for money so she can get a green card?

Absolutely not, don't even think about it.

What will be parents status if their child is born in US and they are immigrant?


Can you have a criminal record and still be approved for an immigrant visa to the us?

Yes - but it is much more difficult.

What are the four steps an immigrant needs to do to become a US citizen?

How many steps do you need to do to become an immigration?

How much is 2.79832 equal to us money?

You need to provide the type of currency you want to convert from.