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Answer #1: About 6 years ago (I started a family and stopped working), I was ophthalmic technician and worked in the field for 10 years and when I quit work, I was making about $44K in Southern California.

Answer #2: That is correct. If you want to know the exact answer or closer than the first answer, here it is. My aunt is an Ophthalmic Technician and her average salary is about $38,900. Of course that ranges. If you want to be an Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician, it's actually about $53K.

Answer #3: I'm an Ophthalmic Technician in New York City. When I was hired, I had just 2 years of experience & nocertification. My starting salary was a little over 50k a year.

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Q: How much money does an ophthalmologist's assistant earn?
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