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I think that if you are in California 54k

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how much money does a dental assistant earn denver Co

A dental assistant in Texas can earn 31,000 dollars a year. The longer they work for a dentist, they can usually make more money.

You can earn a veterinary assistant degree online at Community Care College based out of Oklahoma. If you are seeking a Canadian school, you can take the Animal Sciences program at ICS Canada which will help you with your veterinary assistant career.

A physician assistant in the United States can expect to earn from $78,709 to $111,359 per year. The median annual income for a physician assistant is $93,741.

The median expected salary for a typical Nursing Assistant in the United States is $24,363.

roughly between $20,000- 25,000 anually.

they get paid $14.000 a year pro rata

depends on who they work for and where they work

It depends on where you live in the Charlotte area of NC they earn from $8-$12 an hour.

How much does Assistant principal earn?

The medium amount of money that a physician assistant makes in Chicago is $89,000. The lowest salaries for physician assistants was around $75,000.

it's different by which subject you are assistant of... Usually, around 500-800$ per month???

Depends on the surgical field and the assistants experience/education.

Go to for salaries based on area.

They earn between 20,000-25,000 per year.

The amount of money that an educational assistant makes in Ontario will vary depending with their qualifications and level of experience. On average they earn between $12,000 and $34,000 per year.

thy earn round abour rhe same as a doctor if tht is what u mean bye tht

A company focusing on medical diagnostics (partnered with a hospital) is offering me $10 an hour as a laboratory assistant I in California. Seems really low. :/ $46540/year OR (US in general, not Oklahoma) $105400/year

The average annual salary for a podiatrist assistant is approximately 30,000 dollars per year. Podiatry assistant salaries are approximately the same as those of medical assistants in other fields.

Not that much. Somewhere around 20 or 30 thousand dollars a year in the US.

CNA makes 8-15-20 an hour depends on work.

How much do physician assistant earn per year in Florida?

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