How much money does bmi collect?

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I worked as a licensing executive for BMI back in 2001. As I recall, at the time BMI, ASCPA and SESAC all together collected only about $4 billion dollars.

Pretty small numbers when you consider that this money has to be divied up to all songwriters and publishers across the entire wolrd.

THE MORE TELLING number is how much BMI keeps for themselves. THIS WILL SHOCK YOU................probably disappoint you, too.

At the time I worked for them, BMI returned something like 92% of EVERYTHING they collected to the songwriters and publishers. Pretty impressive that they can pay rent, utilities, lawyers, staff, advertizing and salaries, on a slim 8% of what they collect.

Remember, these Performance Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) are Not-For-Profit organizations.
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Keep in mind that the IRS reports their statistics based upon the Federal Fiscal Year, which runs from October 1 - September 30.. For FY2006 (October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2006) the IRS collected $2,518,680,230,000 (2.5 Trillion-ish)

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On a regular Social Security retirement, if a person retires beforefull retirement age, you are allowed to make $15,120 before yourbenefits are reduced. After the $15,120 amount has been passed onedollar of benefit will be deducted for each two dollars you earn.

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How do you get bmi?

To get your BMI, you take your weight (in pounds) and divide it by your height (in inches). Once you have that number, divide it by your height again. Now, multiply it by 705. That number is your BMI!

How much is a bmi license?

Typically, a BMI license will charge around $200 per year. BMIlicenses are based off how the number of trunk lines in a business.Having under ten trunk lines will total to $229 per year. The priceincreases with every trunk line added.

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At age 47, the only forms of Social Security you can collect are survivors' benefits (if you are a widow or widower, or an ex-spouse raising minor children under age 16) or disability compensation. The two programs operate under different rules and regulations. Survivors' Benefits Earned incom ( Full Answer )

How much money can you earn and still collect unemployment in Maine?

You can receive partial unemployment benefits, if you are earning money. After deducting $25 from your weekly earnings, the amount over that, subtracted from your weekly benefits, would be the amount of your adjusted weekly benefit. See the Related Link below for more details.

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It is used to pay salaries for priests and other parish employees, for mortgage payments, for upkeep of the church and other parish buildings, for utilities, for educational programs (CCD, etc.) and for other day to day expenses of the parish.

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You can clean up messes around your island and get your daily bonus from the turtle. or oyu can visit friends and clean their islands and get their turtles.

Where does collected IRS money go?

To the Federal Reserve to pay for the interest on the Government's debt. The Fed is owned by J.P. Morgan's, The Bank of America and other privately owned banks. So your money goes to a man named Rothschild and there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it. Cheers

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According to page 17 in the Handbook in the Related Link below, the examples shows: if your weekly benefit was $110, multiply that by 50% or $55. If you earned $76.50, subtract 55 from that for $21.50. $110 less $21.50 = $88.50 or rounded up to $89 is your benefit for that week.

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Age 65 the earnings test will still apply for the year 2009 and 2010 the amount is 14160 of earned income. Full Retirement Age (FRA) or Normal Retirement Age (NRA) has changed an will continue to increase the next few years. FRA and NRA after those years that the earning amounts will not matter and ( Full Answer )

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If your hours are reduced where you work, you can work 80%, or 32 hours and still receive benefits. You can work part time until you find full time work (the search is required). The Partial Benefit Rate is 20% more than your customary weekly rate, so for example: if your weekly benefit was $200, th ( Full Answer )

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A BMI of 70 would be beyond obese. Frankly, it would be on the verge of death pretty much.

How much money did Jeffrey Locker's family collect in life insurance?

He had taken out policies that totaled 18 million dollars. However, one judge cancelled one of the 4 million dollar policies saying that he exaggerated his yearly income. The insurance companies that have the other policies totaling 14 million dollars are also going to court to seek cancelations, so ( Full Answer )

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Money from YouTube can only be rewarded when users view your monetized videos on YouTube. However, to get the money you have earned, you must link an AdSense account with your YouTube account.

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A form is saved after getting created and then payment integration window must be opened from the form-settings of anyone methods must be chosen among- google checkout, swreg, paypal or moneybookers. Then an option named 'continue'must be clicked by filling up all the important information and press ( Full Answer )

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The government collects money through taxes. Every time you arepaid at work you pay a Federal Income Tax. When you buy items atthe store you are paying the government.

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That depends on how much you qualify to receive from unemployment without earnings. . For example, let's say you are qualified to get $400/week and you are making $200/week from a part-time job. You report those earnings to unemployment and they subtract the $200 from your normal $400. . So to ans ( Full Answer )

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You can put in as much or as little as you want. That is up to you. People give what they can afford. For special collections, they may give more. Some people can afford more or are more generous and some can't afford to give much. Give what you can.

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