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How much money does doctors make?

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About 100k to 200k a year. But it takes work to become one tho!

2013-04-12 06:17:36
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Q: How much money does doctors make?
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How much money does a vetrinarian make in a week?

More than doctors make More than doctors make

How much money do doctors make a week?


How much do laser eye doctors make?

alot of money

How much money does army doctors make?

Depends on rank and length of service.

How much money do family doctors make in Alberta?

C$300000 pa

Do doctors make more money than veterinarians?

Veterinarians are doctors; they are DVMs--Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine. While Veterinarians make on average less than other medical doctors, some can and do make much more than the average MD.

How much money do obstetrics and gynecology doctors make per month?

they make 150,000-350,000 a year it depends on your experience

How much do emergency doctors make a year?

They make 200,000 to 400,000 dollars per year. About 10% make more than 400,000 dollars a year. Doctors in general make high amounts of money.

How much money do doctors in Europe make?

Europe has many different countries and the rates of pay for the doctors in those countries would vary by a lot.

How much money do doctors get a year?

Doctors make various amounts of money each year. This can range from $50,000 all the way up to $500,000 a year. This depends on their experience and what kind of doctor they are.

What doctors make the most money?


How much money does a urologist in Australia earn in a year?

They make around 40,000 dollars a year in Australia. Doctors in the US make about twice this much annually.

How much does a osteopathic doctor make in the US?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) make the same amount that Doctors of Medicine (M.D.), but what really determines how much money a physician makes is where they work and the medical specialty the physician has chosen.

How much do oncology doctors make?

The amount of money that oncology doctors make varies depending mainly on where they work and level of experience. The pay scale is between $100,000 and $405,000 per year.

Can chefs make more money than doctors?

doctors,make more money because they save peopleAnswer:There is no continuous scale for salaries. A good chef can make more money than a inept doctor.

Why do lots of women want to date doctors?

because doctors make alot of money

How much money do doctors make per year?

its actually according to the no. Of patients they get per year. It is not so specific.

How much money do doctors get paid every week?

doctors get paid about 19,500 thousand

How much money do doctors in Bangladesh get paid?


How much money do the different types of doctors earn?

Different types of doctors,their work and salaries..............

How much money did the rich people make in ancient Greece?

Sculptors and doctors could make up to six drachmas a day in ancient Athens.

How much money does a doctor earn in Zimbabwe?

How much are doctors in Zombabwe paid

What kinds of doctors make the most money?

Neuron Surgeons

Do dentists make more money than doctors?


What do doctors need to help people?

as much of their money as they can osibly get from them,