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Q: How much money does it take to feed an African child for a year?
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How much does it cost to feed an African elephant?

dont pay

How much would a 2 year old feed a day?

It depends on how much your child eats, don't over feed him/her and don't starve the child.

How much money in African bank?

It depends on which African country you're talking about.

How much food do they waste in Hungary?

Enough food to feed a hungry African.

What if you do not make enough money to pay child support?

You will be expected to pay however much you can afford and the amount you can afford will be determined by the judge. But, does your lack of funds really decrease the amount of money it will take to raise your child? Regardless of how much money you have it will cost the same amount to feed and clothe the child. So, you might want to have another look at your budget and your conscience before trying to get out of child support.

How much do trash men make a year?

for 7 pennies a year, you can feed a African child. they eat pennies! for more information, go to www.mike thanks for watching!

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more than you can aford

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There is no such place as African America.

How much to feed an adult for a week?

MONEY OR FOOD? food , one cup a day , money depends how much it is?

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That depends, how much do they eat? lol And what do you want to feed them. What you should be asking is how much money will it cost to feed 40 adults. lol

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As much as they want.

How much does it cost to feed a child for a week?

no one knows lol jk

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How much is 70 dollars in jamaica

What are some needs of African children?

pretty much the same as any child.

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25 african babies a year

How much money does the average African make?

1 dollar a day.

How much money does Pitbull make?

25 african babies a year

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Minecraft mods are free

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