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A lawyer around 60,000 to 90,000 a year.

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Q: How much money does someone in the criminal justice field earn?
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What will I make in the criminal justice field?

Criminal justice makes about 50,000 to 200,000 a year from what I was told. It's real good money right there though. I wish I was able to make 200,000 a year.

How much does criminal justice system spend on the government a year?

You would have to specify which government, what level of government, and what level of agency. "the government" and "criminal justice system" could mean any number of different things.

How much money does a criminal justice investigator earn?

According to experts, the average earnings for criminal justice investigators is $45,000. Salary depends on education background and job experience.

What is it called when someone is put in jail for taking someones money?


What is the word for money or gift given to someone by a criminal if they do something illegal?

The answer is bribe.

Where can one study criminal justice online?

There are many online schools you can study criminal justice with like Dery and Phonex. Before you sign up for classes be sure they are accredited in your state so you don't waste your money or time.

To what degree should criminal justice agencies respond to public demand for services?

Criminal Justice agencies can only provide the services that taxpayers are willing to pay for. Any public agency is happy to be allocated more money for their work.

Is black mail is Criminal?

Yes, because your bribing someone for money or services in return

What job can you get with a degree in Criminal justice?

Criminal Justice can be broken up into three major fields. These include Police, Corrections and Law. With a degree in Criminal Justice you can go on to become a police officer for the city or go on to federal jobs which include all other variations of law enforcement, including FBI, DEA, CIA etc. With corrections you can go on to pursue a career in the field of the penal system including a prison guard to a prison official. With Law you can go on to become an attorney, however that involves going to law school after receiving your bachelors in Criminal Justice. With just a bachelors you can work for a law firm, potentially as a paralegal. I have a Master degree in Criminal Justice and am currently working at firm to prevent money laundering and fraud. See the link below for more information.

Why isn't justice being acheived?

Your question is too vague to provide an answer. I can answer in general why justice may not be achieved, in the context of the law and legal issues, since that is where this question is posted. The criminal justice system is not designed to make justice it is designed to make a fair decision, although it doesn't always, it's run by humans you know. The criminal justice system has three elements, legislators to make the laws; police and prosecutors to collect evidence and present at court; and the court process set up to make a decision. These are tools; justice in this system is up to the willingness and abilities of these people (humans). The criminal justice system can only provide the services that taxpayers are willing to pay for. Taxpayers are not often in favor of increasing their taxes, even when it may involve a better criminal justice system; but any public agency is happy to be allocated more money for their work.

Does pauley perrette have any education?

She has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice/sociology. She was in the process of funding her masters when she turned to acting for money and has been acting ever since.

How could OJ Simpson be acquitted of murder in a criminal trial but be held liable for their deaths in civil trial how the American criminal justice system works in this case?

The criminal trial of OJ Simpson is an excellent example of American justice gone wrong. The criteria for a guilty verdict in a criminal trial is much harder to obtain. The jury must find the evidence sufficient beyond a reasonable doubt. The civil trial, which is really about money, is far easier to prove. Although I doubt that the Goldmans and Browns have received any money despite having won their case.

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