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The profit is from 100 too 1000 a day depends on the business

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Q: How much money does the average small business owner make a month?
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Which make more money an WWE wrestler or a business owner?

Business owner

How much money does a dance club owner earn?

It depends how sucessful your business is but you earn up to £85000 maximum a month.

Why is owner of a business is interested in the activity of a business?

The activity of the business is what generates money for the business and the owner will want to maximize income.

Why does a business owner start a business?

To make more money

Who is owner?

who invest money in the business is called owner.

What is it called when the owner of a business invests money into the business?

Its called capital

What is owner investment?

Money put into a business of firm by the owner, A good example is Business capital. Hope it helped. :)

Can an owner of business take money from it to gamble?


What is is the average income for an HVAC business owner?


Can business owner get money back when filing business tax?

Yes, if the business owner's estimated tax payments were more than the business actually owed.

What is the average cost of Home owner's insurance?

The average monthly cost of home owner's insurance is aproximately $250,000 a month.

What is adequate and inadequate working capital?

Adequate working capital is when the owner of the business has money to run the business on a day to day basis.Inadequate working capital means that the owner of the business has no money to run the business on a day to day basis and will therefore force the owner of the business to go in for an overdraft.

If a business closes do you still owe owner money?

Of course you do.

How can a production schedule help a business owner?

giving them money:)

What is an owner depositing his own money into his business called?


When an owner invests her own money into her business it is referred to as?


When an owner invest her own money into her business it is referred to as?


When an owner invest her own money into her business it is referred to?


Why drawing is directly credited to capital account in closing accounts?

Capital is item which is contributed by owner towards business and drawing is item which is received by owner from business or take out money from business so as when owner provide money to business increase capital the same way taking out money simply reduce that capital amount that';s why drawing directly credited to capital to show the net capital asset of owner in business.

What is equity in balance sheet?

Equity in balance sheet is that account in which owner has invested money in business and business is liable to it's owner to return.

What accounts are affected if you withdrew cash from the business for personal use?

If the withdrawer is not the owner of the business, it would be classed as a loan.If the owner of the business was withdrawing the money, it is classed as drawings.

What is it called when an owner takes money out of a business for personal reasons?


How much money does an average male restaurant owner earn?

Depends on the Restaruant size, and amount of business you receive. So around $50,000 - $120,000

What was the average income for small business owners in 2006?

According to, the average income of a small business owner as of 2006 was $233,600.

What exactly is a lease of business?

Leasing a business is paying each month to effectively be the owner and manager of an already existing company. The profit stays with you, but a portion goes to the true owner.