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too much

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Why do the call a hybrid car a hybrid when it still uses gas?

because it does not pollute as much as a normal car

What is the best type of hybrid car for the least amount of money?

The least expensive hybrid car is the 2008 Toyota Prius starts, which starts at an MSRP of $21,500. It is also the best selling hybrid car.

Driving a Hybrid Minivan?

Hybrid minivans have recently become the car of choice for soccer moms everywhere. Hybrid minivans have an aerodynamic design that aids in propelling the car throughout the atmosphere. A hybrid minivan also has next to no emissions and can get up to 40 mpg. It is definitely a great car for the one who wants to save money on gasoline and get as much efficiency as possible in a car.

How efficient is hybrid car fuel?

Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular cars. Also, the great thing about the hybrid car is that you do not necessarily need to use fuel to drive a hybrid car, which will help you save money on gas.

How much money did Hybrid gross worldwide?

Hybrid grossed $162,605 worldwide.

Why is a hybrid popular?

Hybrid vehicles are popular because they will save you money on gas. A hybrid car will use both gas and an electric motor.

How much money would you save on gas if you drive a hybrid?

It depends on which hybrid you drive and how much you drive it.

Does a hybrid car actually save the owner money in the long run?

The hybrid cars are more expensive than the started car but they will save you money with gas. Also if you ever need to replace the battery in a hybrid it will cost around 5000 dollars.

Why Should You Buy the Hybrid Car?

The hybrid car is the best way to save on high energy costs these days. Every day, thousands of people are becoming converts of the technology that makes up hybrid cars. Hybrid cars allow you to get an extra 20 to 30 miles on your gas mileage. These cars do not put as much pollution into the environment. A hybrid car saves you money and helps maintain a clean atmosphere.

Should I buy a hybrid car for a fuel economy and enviromentally friendly car?

You will defenitly be saving tons of money with a hybrid vehicle. Of course there are many regular gas vehicles available that offer much of the same savings as do the hybrids.

How much money did Hybrid gross domestically?

Hybrid grossed $162,605 in the domestic market.

What car wastes little gas?

Pretty much any 4 cylinder, but don't get a hybrid they cost you a lot more money.

How much mails difference between hybrid car and Dessel car?

Hybrid car is a small car in which there can be sit less than 3 person and dessel car is totally different to Hybrid car and dessel car can run in any roads without any problem.

How much pollution does a hybrid car make?


How much do you pay for gas with a hybrid car?


How much less gas do hybrid cars use?

You can save about 30% of gas using a hybrid car. Read more at # › Auto › Car Models › Hybrid Cars

Where to find hybrid car dealer in memphis tennesse?

Yes, Hybrid cars can be purchased from main car dealerships like ford and Chevrolet (both made in America). You will be suprised at how much they have to offer someone looking for a hybrid car.

Is getting a hybrid car worth the money?

It is questionable whether hybrid cars actually help you save on gas. Some say the extra cost for the hybrid itself is substantially higher than the money you are actually saving on gas.

Why should I buy a hybrid car?

With gas prices rising, a hybrid car can save you money in the long run. It is also environmentally friendly so you know you won't be polluting the atmosphere.

How to Find a Great Hybrid Car Dealer?

There are a number of great hybrid car dealer websites out there today, and they are a much more convenient way to buy. These sites allow you to browse a massive selection of hybrid cars in the convenience of your own home, making it much easier to find the car you really want. An online hybrid car dealer can also provide you with a much larger selection than you could ever find at a lot.

What are some advantages to using a hybrid car?

You are not polluting the world and you save money on gas.

If everyone had a hybrid car?

the world would be a much better place

How much does a hybird car cost?

That depends on the make and model of your hybrid.

How Hybrid Car Mileage Can Save You Money?

Gas prices are going up and up, and there's no sign of them falling back down again. Due to this, a lot of people are starting to realizing just how much money hybrid car mileage can end up saving them. The long term savings one will encounter is well worth the investment.

How to Compare Hybrid Cars?

If you want to save the most money on a hybrid car, then you will need to compare a bunch of choices. One way to compare hybrid cars is by doing an online comparison. Simply go to a website that offers a comparison system for hybrid cars. You will be able to view the latest prices on hybrid cars. It is definitely worthwhile to do a comparison of hybrid car prices.

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