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I'm going to say about 50 to 80,000 a year!

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Q: How much money motor mechanic make per year?
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Related questions

How much money does a boat mechanic make?

They make 5,000 to 8,000 a month

How much money does a bicycle mechanic make?

Around 25K

How much money does a diesel mechanic make in Oklahoma?


How much money does a auto mechanic make in a week?


How much money does a mechanic make?

around 3000$ eveRY YEAR

How much money does an auto mechanic make a week?

To many variables to answer that correctly.

How much money does a electrical motor mechanic earn?

Average salary for an electrical motor mechanic can vary based on where they are situated. In 2009 the average salary in the UK was £1,000,000. Whereas in eastern Europe it ranged from around the equivalent to £20 to £100.

How much money a mechanic makes a day?

Depends what the mechanic does.

How much would a mechanic charge to replace winshield wiper motor?

It would depend on the year, make and model vehicle.

How much money does a ford automobile mechanic make a month?

it's about 2,000 per month

How much money a auto mechanic make a month?

Good ones can clear $5000 to $6000.

How much money does a motor cross person make?


How much money does an auto mechanic make a year?

A really fast tech working in a dealership can make $100,000 a year, most make 50 - 70

How much money does a first year mechanic make?

What country are you talking about? And do you mean a first year apprentice, or a first year fully qualified mechanic?

How much money did The Mechanic gross worldwide?

The Mechanic grossed $76,347,393 worldwide.

How much money did a mechanic make in the 1950'S?

The price of working has changed significantly over time. A mechanic in the 1950's was paid between 50 to 75 cents per hour

How much money does a marine mechanic earn in South Florida?

a good mech.will make form 18 to25

How much money can you expect to make starting out as an airline mechanic?

Both prior training and the years of experience will be a factor.

How much money does a small engine repair mechanic make?

It depends they usually make $24 a hour sometimes even more depending on what your doing like: Marine mechanic or outdoor power equipment if you own a buisness in that field i know you make much more hoped this helped

How much money did The Mechanic gross domestically?

The Mechanic grossed $29,121,498 in the domestic market.

How much money would you make as a UPS man in a year?

If you're wondering about a mechanic it is $70,0000-$90,000 depending on the overtime.

How much does a mechanic assistant make?

Less than the mechanic.

How much money do mechanics make?

not much, averages about $15/h for a licensed mechanic, compared to some factory semi-skilled machine operators that make $17-$18 an hour

How much money does a NHRA funnycar mechanic make in a year?

A major teams track /clutch specialists make upwards of 500k to over a million annually.

How much money does auto mechanic make a week?

depends on certifications and how good they are. i know a few who make who or three thousand a week. and a few who only 300 dollars