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As a rule of thumb it is a good idea to have savings eqaul to 3 months living exspenses. Most dont abide by this rule but it is a good idea.

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Q: How much money should I have saved before moving away from home?
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Does the Bible state how much money should be saved for retirement?

No, but it states not to hoard

Do you get taxed on money saved?

Not taxed again on the after income tax money that you have saved but you are taxed on the earnings from the after income tax saved money.

What is the present perfect of the verb save?

have / has saved They have saved money all their lives. She has saved very little money.

If you have an emergency how much money should you have saved to live on temporarily?

6 months worth

How much money should you have saved?

The rule of thumb is to have at least two months worth of expenses saved. This provides a cushion during economic downturns.

What should happen in order for a country to increase capital effectively?

more money invested/saved

Which of these should happen in order for a country to increase capital effectively?

More money invested and/or saved.

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no, you should keep your data unless you damage the wii in the process of moving it.

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saved (saved money): khasookh (חסוך) saved (saved someone's life): hootsal (הוצל)

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they are money saved privately.that is one's own money saved for future use.

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Petrol should be saved. It is a limited resource.

Slogans to save power-electricity?

Like Money saved is Money earned, Power Saved is Power Generated

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Money saved for war

A penny saved a penny earned?

You save money you get money.

Gaelic Irish word for saved?

sábháilte i dtaisce (saved money etc.)

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200 dollars was saved

How much money does apple have saved?


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Money you have saved yourself.

What is the amount of money borrowed or saved?


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