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maybe 5 or 10 dollars or 20 :3

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Q: How much money will a pawn shop give for a GameCube?
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How much money will a pawn shop give you for a sword?


What stores can you buy an GameShark or an action replay for the gamecube?

You cannot buy an Action Replay Gamecube or GameShark for Gamecube anymore as they no longer support the Gamecube or its games and accessories, However, You can still buy these from Amazon, Ebay or possibly a pawn shop (Pawn shops sometimes have Gamecubes and Gamecube Accessories)

How much do pawn shops give you for barely used phones?

It depends on the pawn shop.

Can you pawn one earring?

You can pawn anything that a pawn shop will give you money for. If it is gold, or contains a gem stone, it has value and they may agree to loan you money on it.

Where can one go to sell their Ansel Adams prints?

One of the best places to sell an Ansel Adams print is a local pawn shop. Pawn shops will look at the prints and decide there how much money they will give you.

Where can you get a Nintendo GameCube controller?

flee markets, pawn shops, and second hand stores.

How much money do you need to open a pawn shop?

10,000 dollars

How much would a pawn give me for my Game Boy?

Probaly gett a good 7 buck well it better to sell online to get a decent amount of money

Is it possible to get money for your gift cards Like take it to the bank and give them the card and then they give you money?

No, it is not possible to get money from your gift cards from a bank. However, some pawn shops do give cash for gift cards.

How much money will gamestop give you for a psp?

$30-$50 Dont waste your time inn GAMESTOP instead sell in a local pawn shop.

Can you pawn a pawn?

yeah just ask for your money............

How much will a pawn shop in albany ga give for a gps?

fifty dollars